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Download: Bassnectar "Cozza Frenzy"

Label: Bassnectar

Okay, so you're kind of sick of the neon-laser-step-house that has become the most popular electronic "genre" since trance music started hitting the Billboard charts with drunken abandon many moons ago. But hear us out on the Bay Area's Bassnectar—this leading single from his upcoming album is actually pretty damn good, combining the best of electro and dubstep with some chopped and screwed lyrics spat by Seasunz. Even if you think you're sick of this style, it is almost certain that you'll be pumping this track in your jeep on those late-night drives. 

Average: 7.6 (43 votes)

Download: Air France "Gothenberg Belongs to Me"

Taken from their upcoming Love Affair in 3 Parts album, Swedish dream-pop outfit Air France gives us a infectiously danceable tribute to their hometown. Cold weather scares us, but if Swedish dancefloors sound like this, we might just start packing our bags. 

Average: 6.3 (28 votes)

Download: Daniel Haaksman "Poblum Coco (Sharkslayer Bass Dub)"

Label: Man

When German baile funk magnate Daniel Haaksman can tap Finnish Top Billin crew member Sharkslayer to transform the goofy bounce of his original version into a menacing electro monster, we think it's fair to say that the heavy bass movement has gone international. The Gostoso Remix EP also features contributions from Brazil's Edu K and João Brasil, Germany's Schlachthofbronx, London's Zombie Disco Squad, and Chicago's DJ Rob 3. Pretty soon we're going to need a United Nations of Bass to sort out these kinds of transactions. 

Average: 6.8 (41 votes)

Download: Nudge "Two Hands"

Label: Kranky

As subtle as their name implies, the jazz-influenced, moody tunes from Los Angeles' Nudge play like textured soundscapes matching what a Buddy Rich and Brian Eno collaboration might produce. Valet's Honey Owens provides the forlorn vocal melodies that float only slightly higher than the sparse instrumentation, like a helium balloon over a low fog before it slowly descends back to earth. Nudge's latest album, As Good As Gone, is available now. 

Average: 6.9 (30 votes)

Download: CFCF "Monolith"

Label: Paper Bag

About halfway through CFCF's latest track "Monolith," taken from his forthcoming longplayer Continent, you accept that the soft percussion you've heard since the get-go is the only beat you're gonna get. Then, about 30 seconds after you've come to terms with it, the Montreal-based, cinema-inspired Italo and house producer throws you a curveball, bringing in the high-hats that lead into the synthetic drum beat which drives the high point of his piece. The experience is short lived, but framed by a jazzy piano suite and bouncing bass synth, it's definitely worth the wait. 

Average: 6.9 (32 votes)

Download: Lusine "Cirrus"

For years now, Jeff McIlwain has guided his Lusine moniker to the coldest of dimensions, subsisting in the tech-house underground where the chilled mist gives life to the bleakest of atmospheres. Now back on Ghostly International after a brief layover on the Hymen imprint, the Seattle native has cracked that realm wide open on his latest, A Certain Distance, and the view is breathtaking. Veering into pop territory, the warm synths and slinky melodies of this track are some of McIlwain's most buoyant offerings to date.  

Average: 7.6 (47 votes)

Download: Zero 7 "Medicine Man (Cooly G Remix)"

Label: Atlantic

Normally, Zero 7's music is just a bit too, shall we say, Starbucks-y for us, but we just couldn't pass on posting this remix from U.K. funky DJ/producer Cooly G. Eska's golden pipes take center stage atop Cooly's shuffling backbeat while a chorus of angelic back-up singers help lift her melodies above the otherwise darkened production work. Cooly G's rework provides a sinister, minimal backdrop for the original vocal, twisting it into something better fit for Starbucks' back alleys. 

Average: 6.8 (42 votes)

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