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Download: DD/MM/YYYY ""Digital Haircut""

Label: Impose

Herky-jerky guitar rhythms, syncopated synthlines, and cyclical time signatures lead off this track from Black Square, the soon-to-be re-released third LP from Toronto's DD/MM/YYYY, who XLR8R featured back in June. Soon, however, the angles taper off into a pool of atmospheric vocals and reverberated percussion that entrancingly rises and swells before exploding back into the song's initial groove. 

Average: 4.9 (14 votes)

Download: Panther "Like a Bridge (E*Rock Remix)"

Portland's E*Rock gives fellow Pac Northwesterner Panther the bedroom-born electro-pop treatment on his lighthearted remix of "Like a Bridge," a track from the forthcoming Entropy album. Warbly vocals, 8-bit synths, and meandering atmospherics highlight the thoughtful ballad, making the track more suitable for that new crush tape you've been working on. 

Average: 6.6 (24 votes)

Download: Malente & Dex feat. Analogik "Gipsy Kings"

Label: Exploited

Denmark's Analogik get the remix treatment from Malente & Dex, who manage to transform a quirky Balkan ska number into a banging house piece that recalls dOP's livelier moments, Django Reinhardt, and Balkan Beat Box. The second track featured on Shir Khan's second Exploited label compilation, the track has been getting love from the likes of Sinden, Tomboy, and Brodinski, so you can be assured that it is a floor-filler. 

Average: 7.5 (33 votes)

Download: Larytta "You Got Nothing (Lazer Sword Remix)"

Label: FoF

When the day comes that extraterrestrials land on Earth, and they inevitably become professional wrestlers, California/New York-based Lazer Sword will most assuredly provide entrance music for the bad boy of the bunch. As they exhibit on their sinister remix of Swiss duo Larytta's "You Got Nothing" from the upcoming Friends of Friends Vol. 2, the cross-continental beatsmiths lend a certain swagger to their cosmic future-hop productions that sets them apart from the rest of the lazer-blap crowd. 

Average: 7.7 (172 votes)

Download: Jahdan Blakkamoore "The General Remix feat. Steele"

Brooklyn's Jahdan Blakkamoore is hands-down one of the more exciting artists of the moment, with an impeccable flow, a slew of recent collaborations (including an XLR8R podcast), and his solo debut coming out in September on Gold Dust/Dutty Artz. Steele of Smif 'N Wessun took the first single from Buzzrock Warrior and spiced it up, bringing up the bass and adding some wonky synth flourishes, pitch-shifted vocal elements, and a bit more delay, making it a true dub-reggae monster. Watch out for Jahdan's Buzzrock Warrior on September 15. 

Average: 6.5 (25 votes)

Download: Bookworms "African Rhythms"

Label: Solos

The opening drums of "African Rhythms" might say London, but Bookworms calls the streets of San Francisco home. Oddly enough, the track is a re-imagining—not a remix—of a song by experimental noiseniks (and fellow San Franciscans) Mi Ami. But where Mi Ami concocted a wild brew of tribal percussion and post-punk squall, Bookworms dabbles in U.K. funky house and colors the tune with enough echoed chants and drifting synths to soundtrack a wonderfully spaced-out tropical dance party. 

Average: 7.6 (76 votes)

Download: Beak> "I Know"

Label: Ipecac

It's safe to say that the XLR8R office is full of unabashed Portishead fanboys and fangirls—we've still got Third in heavy rotation and we don't think we're alone. So when we heard that founding member Geoff Barrow had started a new band called Beak> and a mp3 showed up in our inbox, we figured "yeah, we'll go ahead and post that." If "I Know" is any indication, the band shares a bit of Portishead's creepy vibe, but uses it in the construction of angular, Krautrock-influenced post-punk. Sounds good to us. 

Average: 7 (25 votes)

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