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Download: Thunderheist "Nothing 2 Step 2"

Label: Counter

In case you haven't yet heard the sounds of Thunderheist, here's another offering from the Canadian duo. Their '80s-inspired self-titled debut dropped earlier this year and includes the original of this track, which also appears in single format with remixes by Trevor Loveys and Idiotproof. We have the latter for you right here.


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Download: Cassettes Won't Listen "Into the Hillside"

Jason Drake (a.k.a. Cassettes Won't Listen), will drop a new album, Into the Hillside, next month, and he's hyping fans up with a freebie version of the title track. Once again, Drake is merging instrumental indie songs with hip-hop rhythms and sending those elements through the laptop for some heavy electronic touches. The album will drop June 16. 

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Download: Del the Funky Homosapien "Get it Right Now"

Label: Funny Man

Del the Funky Homosapien released his own version of a stimulus package not long ago, with the completely free Funk Man album, which can be downloaded in full right now. The Hieroglyphics member waxes poetic on the state of the economy and the state of the music business, and here, he has a few tips on how to take control of your life during tumultuous times like these. 

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Download: Audion "I Am the Car"

Label: Ghostly

"I am a Car" was previously available for download at the Audion site for the low price of your email address, but for those who hold fast to their anonymity, the man also known as Matthew Dear is giving the track away at XLR8R too. It's typical Audion far, with minimal beats, whispering synths, and gentle helpings of static.


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Download: Nickodemus "Sun Children"

Label: ESL

House, hip-hop, and funk converge on this track from Brooklyn DJ/producer Nickodemus, whose year will include both the release of a second solo album, Sun People, and the 10th anniversary of his famed Turntables on the Hudson party. So the man has cause for celebration, and does so with this track, an uplifting, horn-drenched number featuring the vocals of seven-member jazz-funk outfit The Real Live Show. Sun People is out June 16 (digital) and August 18 (CD). 

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Download: Lindstrom & Prins Thomas "Rothaus"

Label: Eskimo

Norwegian disco dons Lindstrom & Prins Thomas already announced the release of their second collaborative album, and here is the first single off the release. With all the musical textures, sweeping melodies, and intricate rhythms on this track (and, presumably, the others on the album), it's little wonder the boys didn't linger over the title and instead chose to simply dub the new record as II. Bag it on May 26. 

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Download: Toy Selectah "Hay Guey"

Fresh off the recently released Bersa Discos #5 is this track from Mexico's Toy Selectah, who's flaunted his remixing skills more than once on XLR8R.com. For this track, he's taken Tzochitl Soundsystem's “Hay Guey” and turned it into an accordion-drenched tropical number wrapped in cumbia rhythms. 

Average: 6.3 (27 votes)

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