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Download: Tanya Morgan "Morgan Blu Feat. Blu"

With less than two weeks to go before their sophomore album, Brooklynati, is released, the Tanya Morgan boys unveil another track off the record. “Morgan Blu" is a far more soulful affair than the last song we heard from the trio, no doubt largely due to the contributions of hip-hop/gospel singer Blu. Brooklynati is out May 12.  

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Download: UUVVWWZ "Shark Suit"

UUVVWWZ's music is as strange as their name. The Lincoln, Nebraska-based avant-rock quartet will release its self-titled debut album at the beginning of July. In the meantime, this track should give a hint at the electric guitar mayhem to come. UUVVWWZ is out July 7. 

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Download: Bike for Three! "All There is to Say About Love"

Label: anticon.

As previously reported, Canadian rapper, Buck 65, has teamed up with Belgium-based electronic producer Greetings from Tuskan. The resulting album under their Bike for Three! guise finds these two honing in on their respective musical powers, with sharp rhymes falling over 8-bit-style electronics. Impressive, particularly considering the two never actually met face-to-face during the recording process. The duo's album, More Hearts Than Brains, is out May 26.  

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Download: Major Lazer "Hold the Line Feat. Santigold and Mr. Lexx (An-Ten-Nae Remix)"

The Major Lazer boys—Diplo and Switch—are causing something of a storm these days, despite the fact that their debut album, Guns Don't Kill People—Lazers Do is more than a month away from hitting stores (via Downtown Records). Regardless, the pair's tracks are already undergoing the remix treatment. S.F.-based producer Adam Ohana (a.k.a. An-ten-nae goes for the lowest, loudest bass on this reworking of the track "Hold the Line," which also features Santigold on vocals.


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Download: Busdriver "Me-Time (With The Pulmonary Palimpsets)"

Label: anti-

You wouldn't necessarily think Mozart's “Sonata in A Major” and rapping in double-time would make good bedfellows. Busdriver proves us wrong with this track—off his forthcoming eighth studio album, Jhelli Beam—in which he turns the classical masterpiece on its head and throws a fat bassline underneath. Jhelli Beam is out June 9.  

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Download: Damian Lazarus "Dr Whisker's Theme"

Crosstown Rebels founder Damian Lazarus might be one of the rulers of the underground dance world, but this track showcases a calmer side of the L.A.-based DJ/producer. The unreleased track should tide us over until Lazarus' next full-length, Smoke the Monster Out, is released on May 4.


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Download: Shout Out Out Out Out "Bad Choices"

Edmonton, Canada might call to mind images of cold snowdrifts and remote northern mountains, but the music of Shout Out Out Out Out—who happen to hail from that place—sounds fit for the clubs in Miami. This track, off the bands forthcoming Reintegration Time release, is a warm, danceable number drenched in synths and heavy on the rhythm section. Reintegration Time is out now. 

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