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Download: SA-RA Creative Partners "Bitch Baby"

Label: Ubiquity

L.A.-based hip-hop trio SA-RA Creative Partners will return with a new album, Nuclear Evolution: The Age of Love, which their longtime home Ubiquity is releasing. The group has leaked its first track off the album, the soulful, sultry "Bitch Baby." Also look for Erykah Badu, The Gary Batz Quartet, Rozzi Dame, and others to appear on the new release. Nuclear Evolution: The Age of Love is out June 23. 

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Download: Bike for Three! "Way Back When (Greetings From Tuskan Remix)"

Label: anticon.

Canadian rapper Richard Terfry (a.k.a. Buck 65) and electronic musician Joelle Phuong Minh Le (a.k.a. Greetings From Tuskan) have never met in person, but they still managed to compile an album under their Bike for Three! guise. More Heart Than Brains was released on Tuesday, but here's a glance at an even more distant past (2007), when Minh Le performed a remix on Terfry's Buck 65 track "Way Back When." 

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Download: Bag Raiders "Turbo Love (KIM Remix)"

Label: Gang Bang

The Presets' KIM stepped away from his main gig for a hot second to take on a new track from electro outfit Bag Raiders. Under KIM's skillful prowess at the mixing board, "Turbo Love" becomes an aural experience that will likely leave the headphones smoking. "Turbo Love" is out June 2. 

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Download: Femi Kuti "Eh Oh"

Femi Kuti—the oldest son of the legendary Fela Kuti—has been releasing albums since the late '80s, and his latest offering, Day by Day, is a rich survey of Afrobeat sounds influenced by his native Nigeria and flavored with strains of reggae and dub. For those who haven't heard the album yet, "Eh Oh" makes for a good introduction to the rest of the tracks. Day by Day is out now. 

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Download: School of Seven Bells "Face to Face on High Places (Jesu Remix)"

Label: Ghostly

School of Seven Bells continues staying busy with the release of "My Cabal," the third single off the Brooklyn trio's debut album, Alpinisms. The full package of this release also includes an instrumental number, a Seefeel remix, and this track, a reworking of "Face to Face on High Places" by Jesu's Justin Broadrick. 

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Download: U-N-I "Land of the Kings"

Green Label Sound's next release comes from L.A.-based hip-hop duo U-N-I, a pair more preoccupied with live instrumentation than programmed beats. They weren't stingy with the rolling pianos, robust vocal choruses, and live horn section on this track, their first single of 2009. Download the track here or over at the Green Label Sound site

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Download: YACHT "Psychic City"

Label: DFA

YACHT will release a new album, See Mystery Lights, via DFA this summer, and has sent this track out to the blogwaves to gear us up for the new release. The "Psychic City" title is in keeping with the new album's message, which, according to the YACHT crew, relates to all things paranormal, existential, cerebral, and just plain weird. Which is what happens when you record an album in the high desert of Texas. See Mystery Lights is out July 28.  

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