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Download: Telepathe "Lights Go Down"


Brooklyn-based noise pop duo Telepathe is set to release its first full-length, Dance Mother, this spring. This quirky debut album will be produced by Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio. “Lights Go Down,” off the album, is a playground of buzzing, whirring, tingling, slapping, and other disconnected sounds that dot the landscape around a straightforward beat and simple, calmly delivered melody sung in unwavering unison by band members Busy Gangnes and Melissa Livaudais. The song feels like the ritual chanting of a group approaching an alter to sacrifice a keyboard or a Korg. Lulu McAllister  


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Download: The Long Lost "Woebegone (Flying Lotus Luckiest Charm Remix)"

Label: Ninja Tune

The Darlington's (a.k.a. Daedelus and his wife, Laura), seem to have a fine time together, rifling through flea markets for Victorian frock coats and making dreamy acoustic music as The Long Lost. The latter activity isn't just them sitting around the living room, casually strumming guitars though. The pair has prepped a self-titled debut album that's ready for release on March 3 via Daedelus' longtime home, Ninja Tune. Now, we couldn't call the forthcoming album properly promoted without one of Daedelus' fellow L.A. beatmaking friends stopping by, and Flying Lotus took care of that with this remix of the track "Woebegone." Hazy hip-hop and emotive folk music go surprisingly well together, it turns out. The Long Lost 01 The Art Of Kissing 02 Amiss 03 Sibilance 04 Overmuch 05 Past Perfect 06 Ballroom Dance Club 07 Siren Song 08 Colour 09 Regrets Only 10 Cat Fancy 11 Wobegone 12 Finders Keepers 13 Domestics 14 Awash  


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Download: Ilyas "Real Hip-Hop Don’t Die"


2008 saw Brooklyn/Cincinnati trio Tanya Morgan prove itself a force to be reckoned with in the world of independent hip-hop, but Von Pea, Donwill, and Ilyas deliver equally sharp tracks as solo artists. The latter is about to release the first in a trilogy of solo albums on January 17. According to this post, he was urged to "come out of [his] shell" by his fellow bandmates and release some of his own work, hence the new album. He didn't leave the group behind though. The Prelude features production work from Von Pea, along with Ill Poetic, SlimKat, and others. Also a film director and editor, Ilyas says he plans to do a video for every track on the album, so plenty of stuff will be coming our way over the next few months. 

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Download: Addled "Where Am I?"

Label: Moodgadget

Ryan Cavanagh (a.k.a. Addled) makes slow, sultry disco when working with parter-in-crime John Paul Jones as Worst Friends, but as a solo artist, he claims influences like Paul Kalkbrenner and James Holden, and crafts extra-lush tech-house tunes full of catchy hooks and dreamy synth arrangements. His Heartbreachno EP will drop February 17. "Where Am I?" is the second track off the release. Heartbreachno 01 She's My Lady Friend 02 Where Am I? 03 Heartbreachno 04 I'm Sorry I'm Sorry 

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Download: Eliot Lipp "Sentinel"

Label: Old Tacoma

Maybe he named his latest record Peace Love Weed 3D, but given the energy and eclectic nature of the new tracks, it's hard to believe Eliot Lipp was smoking any mind-altering, brain-numbing substance when he was making the album. Armed once again with his vast collection of analog gear, the New York-based producer has crafted another collection of beat-heavy tracks, though this time around, his style is considerably more varied. This is the first time Lipp's used a studio guitarist (some dude named Guitar Ron who he reportedly met in the subway), and he deviates from his trademark instrumental hip-hop quite a bit here, venturing into electro, acid, and Italo-inspired sounds. 


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Download: Mr. Oizo "Gay Dentists (JFK Edit)"

Label: Ed Banger

The release of Lamb's Anger is just around the corner (January 26, to be exact). Quentin Depieux and his Ed Banger family have unleashed this remix of the album's track "Gay Dentists" in the meantime. Besides the absurd title, JFK's edit of the track features a musical progression that bounces from one computer-generated sound to another, beats that start and stop intermittently, and a rather overwhelming amount of energy. Maybe it's just me today, but I was exhausted by the end of this track. Jennifer Marston 


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Download: Mochipet "Turbo Thizz Petnation"

Label: Daly City

There’s no doubt that Daly City Records head honcho and costumed maestro of pulsating soundscapes, Mochipet, had quite the prolific year in 2008, but from the sounds of this track (off his awesomely titled, impending release Master P On Atari), we're already looking forward to what's in store for us in 2009. Featuring Mochipet’s signature whomp of throbbing low-end and synthy clatter, this sizzling cut pits diced-up morsels of Atari bleep-age and choppy, 606 percussion against a mammoth-sized wall of grimy, electro goodness. With roof-blasting caliber written all over it, we feel sorry for whatever warehouse crosses paths with this track next. Photo by Alexander Warnow. 


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