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Download: Mungo's Hi Fi "Around the Redub feat. Suncycle"

Nothing but high energy and enticing dub rhythms on this track, a vinyl-only dub of the original "Around the World" cut off Scotland-based soundsystem Mungos Hi Fi's Soundsystem Champions release. The crew has existed since 2001 and been loved and played by the likes of Mr Scruff, and the late John Peel, as well as dropping releases on Solid Steel and Ninja Tune. The group is equally well-known for dropping vinyl-only releases via its own Scotch Bonnet imprint, which is exactly where you can pick up "Around the Redub" once you've hit download here and given the track a whirl. 

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Download: Detroit Grand Pubahs "Thanks for Coming"

Electro-funk outfit Detroit Grand Pubahs dropped their first EP nearly a decade ago. The year 2008 finds the Motor City-based duo of Andy Toth (a.k.a. Dr. Toefinger) and Mack Goudy Jr. (a.k.a. Black Fu) pushing offbeat, funk-rock sounds that are sometimes danceable, sometimes not. "Thanks for Coming" features fuzzy synths under a 4/4 beat, with a slightly eerie vocal snippit accompanying. Fans of the duo should also check their latest full-length, Nuttin Butt Funk, when it hits the streets September 29. 


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Download: Motel Motel "Coffee"

The combination of a scratchy guitars and snare drums, which increase in volume, gives the opening of this track the feeling of an approaching train, which arrives bringing sentimental indie rock from Brooklyn-based Motel Motel. Fast on the rise, with tracks on RCRD LBL and much buzz about their live performances, the members create driving tunes that combine solid songwriting with thoughtful lyrics. Nothing's wrong with a little good old fashioned rock. Photo by Roman.  


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Download: Populous with Short Stories "Only Hope"

Label: morr music

Populous has teamed up with fellow morr music artist Michael McGuire (a.k.a. Short Stories) for the indie-pop record, Drawn in Basic. “Only Hope,” off the album, is a sweet little downtempo offering that sashays along on a slightly sped-up, unchanging samba rhythm amid warm, buzzy synths and distorted nursery chime accents. MC Short Stories’ vocalization traces a delicate line between melancholy and dreamy contemplation. His charmingly understated verses evolve into a richly harmonic chorus, which slowly dissipates into the dark at the close of the brief song. 


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Download: Grampall Jookabox "Ponta (Deppchef Remix)"

In anticipation of Ropechain, the second album from Indianapolis-based weirdsmith Grampall Jookabox, Asthmatic Kitty has just released a free digital EP sure to keep the fans satisfied until his full-length drops November 4th. Available from the label's website, the Rill Bruh EP contains several choice outtakes and remixes that didn't make it onto the album. Here we find Deppchef chopping "Ponta" into a snap-crackling dubstep number that could easily pass as a collaborative side-project from Rustie and Thom Yorke. Rill Bruh EP 01 The Girl Ain't Preggers 02 Ponta (Deppchef Remix) 03 Peace Attack 04 Air Penance 05 That Steamboat Gothic Stomp 06 Tic Tac Sumac (Future Rapper/ Liz Janes Remix) 07 Bad Wis My 'Sploder 08 That Steamboat Gothic Stomp (Ero Remix) 

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Download: EPMD "Run It (Sinden Remix)"

Label: Scion A/V

Continuing their foray into the music world, Scion A/V is back with yet another serving of party fuel, this time pairing the legendary NYC hip-hop duo EPMD with a few of London's most respected front-runners of the club music scene. Here, U.K.-based producer Sinden takes a couple vocal loops from the original track, cranks up the tempo dramatically, and adds a wobbly-ass bassline the way only he can. 


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Download: Madlib The Beat Konducta "The Ox (805) feat. MED and Poke"

Label: BBE

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