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Download: Mochipet "Hope Again (edIT Remix)"

We recently posted Bay Area beatmaker Mochipet's "Hope Again" track, which features Mykah9 and Taiwankid on the mic. Now, L.A.-based producer edIT has gotten his hands on the vocals and mashed them together with some of his own glitchy beats. The track appears on Mochi's Feel My China 2 release. Mochipet's Microphonepet will be released April 1 on his Daly City Records imprint. Photo of edIT by Barbara Talia. 

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Download: Truth Universal "Black Culture"

Part of Paris' Guerrilla Funk roster, rapper Truth Universal embodies the spirit of political awareness and DIY ethos with sharp, insightful verses that examine racism, self-hatred, the Bush administration, prison systems, and issues surrounding his hometown of New Orleans. "Black Culture" is off Truth's debut album, the aptly titled Self Determination, and features rappers Wise Intelligent and Digable Planets' Doodlebug. 

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Download: Paul Woolford presents Bobby Peru "The Truth"

With dates booked around the world

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Download: Rusko "Get Ya Cock Out"

Label: Unreleased

Like his friend and counterpart Caspa, 22-year-old Chris Mercer (a.k.a. Rusko) prefers his dubstep with a little cheekiness. The self-proclaimed geek who produces his music in London has a love of Squarepusher, chilled-out tunes, and bagels, all of which find their way into the music he makes. "Each to their own, but our music is completely dancefloor," Mercer said in a recent article for XLR8R. "It's got to be uptempo." 

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Download: Pellarin "Over Fælleden"

In keeping with Athen, his first album for Statler & Waldorf, Pellarin has developed his latest release around a city theme. This time, he heads to Gundsø, an area north of Rosklide, where he grew up. It's also the home of Denmark's only nuclear plant, a surprising fact, considering the album is a collection of placid, soothing musical compositions. 

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Download: Munk "Disco Clown (Digitalism Remix)"

Label: Gomma

Munk had a few remixes kicking about around the time his debut album was released. Gomma has now collected and repressed them as a single EP entitled Remixed, which features Digitalism, Passarani, and Zongamin behind the mixing board. Oddly enough, the tracks here sound more like they came from 2008 than 2005, which might say something about the lasting appeal of the Munich-based artist's music. 


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Download: Clark "Truncation Horn"

Label: Warp

Clark has always been known for mixing laptop electronics with rock-style drums. Turning Dragon, his latest album on his longtime home Warp Records, finds the artist moving towards a even tougher, more explosive, sound, adding cut-and-paste samples and enough distortion to put all those electro kids from Europe to shame. Clark will be turning dance clubs into raves in Europe throughout 2008, and will hopefully hit Stateside soon after. 


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