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Download: School of Language "Rockist Pt. 4"

After Field Music announced an indefinite hiatus in 2007, David Brewis found himself with spare time. From that came his School of Language project. As his new one-man outfit, Brewis keeps busy with his laptop, experimenting with the possibilities and limitations of electronic pop music. His debut album, Sea From Shore, recently hit the record store shelves. 


Average: 6.7 (17 votes)

Download: Panther "On The Lam (Copy Remix)"

The remixes for Panther's recently released 14kt God, are already streaming in, the first of which is this gem from Portland producer Copy. For the new album, Panther mastermind Charlie Salas-Humara explored the territory of singer/songwriter tracks. Here, Copy puts the manic electronic dance elements back into the mix with his sped up, synth-heavy version. 


Average: 7.1 (17 votes)

Download: HEALTH "The Problem Is (Thrust Lab Remix)"

Label: Unreleased

Currently on tour with Crystal Castles and being hailed as the band to watch in 2008 is Health, the Los Angeles-based noise-rock outfit with a reputation for making crowds dance with its antics. Get a taste of these guys' self-titled debut album with this track, remixed here by Baltimore trio Thrust Lab

Average: 7.4 (84 votes)

Download: Skream "Losing Control"

Label: Tempa

Often called the "poster boy" of the dubstep world, Croydon, U.K.-based producer and XLR8R covers star Skream brings another track of bass-heavy mayhem to your desktop. Read more about this bedroom producer-turned international music star here

Average: 7.3 (86 votes)

Download: Don Cavalli "New Hollywood Babylon"

Label: Everloving

Don Cavalli hails from France, but you'd never know it listening to his album Cryland. The postmodern folk release captures the spirit of Americana with as much precision as a long-faced man in a Nashville bar, and Cavalli also maintains originality by incorporating electronic elements into the songs via his laptop. The album's heart lies somewhere between gospel, soul, and lo-fil electronic music. 

Average: 7.1 (26 votes)

Download: Rafter "Splash (XLR8R Exclusive)"

Asthmatic Kitty's resident Renaissance man furnished XLR8R with this exclusive track, which seems to encompass every genre and instrument on the planet. No surprise there. Rafter Roberts is known for love of eclecticism, having spent his youth darting between punk bands, house shows, and everything in between. His recently released Music for Total Chickens album is a bizarro pop music journey, with twisted time signatures, distorted guitars, and drums that sound as though they're having a wresting match. 

Average: 6.8 (20 votes)

Download: Débruit "Pointy"

Frenchman Débruit's latest LP finds the man and his machines making danceable bangers so varied in style they sound as though each could have been made by a different producer. From its Modeselektor-esque synth jams to drum programming à la Flying Lotus, Coupé Décalé will likely be on the hard drives of every DJ's digital set from here to Copenhagen.  

Average: 7.8 (189 votes)

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