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Download: Alias "Justamachine"

Label: anticon.

Marking his first solo record since 2003's highly acclaimed Muted, Brendon Whitney (a.k.a. Alias), who recently relocated from the bay back to his original stomping grounds of Portland, Maine, has returned with another album of lush beatscapes and melodic compositions. With the exception of collaborative tracks with Why? frontman Yoni Wolf and The One AM Radio, Resurgam–Latin for "I Shall Rise Again"–is a primarily instrumental affair, and even sees the seasoned anticon. mainstay stepping into ambient territory on a couple tracks. That’s not to say he's abandoned his love for the drum machine one bit, and as heard on "Justamachine," his skills have only grown with time. Photo by Suzy Poling. 


Average: 7.7 (41 votes)

Download: Daniel Haaksman "Who's Afraid Of Rio? feat. MC Jennifer (Radio Edit)"

Label: Man

Who's Afraid of Rio?

Average: 7.7 (41 votes)

Download: RQM "Miss Pacman (Oliver $ Remix)"

RQM's a name we're all familiar with at this point. The Barcelona-based producer has been involved with The Tape, Al Haca, and Jahcoozi over the years, but Miss Pacman marks his first solo single. The turntable-friendly track has already won the love of The Glimmers, Larry Tee, Switch, Sinden, Edu K, and a gaggle of other DJs all praising the song's wobbly basslines and electro riffs. Here, Oliver $ gives the original cut the remix treatment. For more RQM, check XLR8R's latest podcast, curated by Exploited Records boss Shir Khan.  


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Download: Izza Kizza "Millionaire"

Label: Decon

Poised to make a tsunami-sized splash of excitement in the rap world, Georgia-born MC Terry Davis (a.k.a. Izza Kizza) spits refreshingly crisp, rapid-fire bullets reminiscent of southern-rap greats like Outkast or Goodie Mob, with an extra serving of eclectic energy that sets him apart from most. Kizza, who's rumored to be Timbaland's new secret weapon, just dropped his new mixtape Kizzaland (mixed by Fool's Gold's very own Nick Catchdubs), which should hold the hungry fans over until his forthcoming EP Mr. Next Year hits. 


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Download: Rainbow Arabia "Let Them Dance"

Label: Manimal

Danny and Tiffany Preston have dropped another call-to-war-style single off their forthcoming EP, The Basta. Judging from this and a previous track, duo's got an uncanny ability to make music that calls to mind the disconcerting feel of war (you know, bullets and tanks and invasions and such), while still providing an energy that would work on the dancefloor. "Let Them Dance" could also work in a rock setting, with its driving guitars layered over synths and quick-paced breakbeats.  

Average: 7.8 (125 votes)

Download: Stars Like Fleas "I Was Only Dancing"

Label: Hometapes

Stars Like Fleas gave experimental rock an emotional touch earlier this year, with the release of its third full-length, The Ken Burns Effect. Steeped in dizzying guitar textures, layered vocals, and the occasional interlude of quirky electronics, the Brooklyn-based band's album is a convergence of free-jazz, indie rock, and soft folk flavors, as seen with this track, which also features some subtle Americana strings. Finally, check the band on tour this fall. 


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Download: Larytta "Ya-Ya-Ya"

Label: Creaked

We're currently loving the eclectic musings of Lausanne, Switzerland-based duo Larytta, mostly because the music made by Guy Meldem and Christian Pahud sounds like, well, nothing else we've had come through the office the entire year. Mixing off-kilter electronic beats with African chants and rhythms, vocal harmonies, and a bunch of other laptop-generated sounds, tracks on the boys' debut album, Difficult Fun, certainly live up to its name. This is entirely danceable music that simultaneously needles the brain and makes you scratch your head and wonder what in the hell is going on. More tracks from these guys will be available come October 3, when the full album drops on Creaked Records. Difficult Fun 01 Wonder Vendor 02 Money For Pizza 03 Bauch Amp 04 Voodoo Thing (Difficult Lee) 05 Love Love Odyssey 06 Ya-Ya-Ya 07 Is This Cheese? 08 Spoiled Kids 09 Souvenir De Chine 10 The Money 11 The City Walls 12 Filthy Jim 13 Tous Mes Amis  


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