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Download: MC Gringo "Alemão"

Label: Man

German-born MC Bernhard Hendrik Hermann Weber Ramos De Lacerda wouldn't seem like the most likely candidate to break into Rio's baile funk scene, but that's exactly what he's done under his MC Gringo guise. Though he has only lived in Brazil a short time, Lacerda has already amassed a strong following with his live shows, in which he showcases his witty lyrics and adeptness at rapping in the Portuguese language. Taken from Gringão, his debut full length on Man Recordings, "Alemão" finds the MC lyrically pondering his career thus far. 

Average: 7.7 (35 votes)

Download: UFO! "Forbidden Love"

Label: Sanguine

He's largely known for his work in the U.S. drum & bass scene, but Ed Garro's latest effort under his UFO! moniker finds the S.F. native exploring dancefloor-ready, 4/4 territory for the first time. The music on Logic is Lunacy retains the same distorted noise and aggressive beats found in Garro's earlier work, but also sees carries shades of rock, electro, and, and other genres. Logic is also the first time Garro has played the role of vocalist, signaling a definite left turn in his musical direction. 

Average: 7.7 (42 votes)

Download: The Carps "Heaven's Gates & Hell's Flames (Redux) feat. The Cool Kids"


Visit The Carps

Average: 7.9 (80 votes)

Download: Shy Child "Astronaut"

Formerly of the band El Guapo (which eventually became Supersystem), New York-based duo Nate Smith and Pete Cafarella joined forces as Shy Child in 2006. The two will unveil their Noise Won't Stop album for first time in North America this May, thanks to the good folks at Kill Rock Stars. Produced by Chris Zane (known for his work with Les Savy Fav), the album blends, keyboards, guitars, electro, and punk together, and features Spank Rock on one track. 

Average: 6.6 (19 votes)

Download: Autechre "Altibzz"

Rob Brown and Sean Booth, the two English IDM pioneers that make up Autechre, have been relentlessly tweaking their distinct sound for the last 20 or so years. Autechre hasn’t released a record since 2005’s Untilted, making for the longest break in Brown and Booths' career thus far. Quaristice is their response to that break, a 20-track album as varied as anything they’ve ever released. They’ve talked in interviews about a long tour and a relocation contributing to the delay, but the album’s relatively short tracks sound like they’ve been shaped and distilled over time, much to their benefit. The result is an assaulting sweep of damaged synths and impressionistic noise. “Altibzz,” the opening track, is both a spell of drony, ambient bliss and a calm before the storm. Wyatt Williams 

Average: 7.9 (77 votes)

Download: Michal Ho "Screw The Coffeemaker (Adam Beyer Remix)"

Over the past few years, Michal Ho has been Read more » 

Average: 7.8 (17 votes)

Download: Akrobatik "Put Ya Stamp On It feat. Talib Kweli"

Boston’s Akrobatik has been dropping singles for 10 years now, enough time to earn himself mainstream success without ever losing underground status. Yet, he’s been too busy for the past five years to release a follow-up to his first solo record. He's collaborated with Mr. Lif as the Perceptionists and released Black Dialogue, the politically charged album that pushed both of them into the national spotlight. It hasn’t been all politics, though–Akrobatik has been rapping the latest in sports news on Boston’s 95.5 FM, too. Finally, he's found time to release Absolute Value, that long awaited second record, and it features an extensive list of guest spots that speak to the rep Akrobatik has earned. “Put Ya Stamp On It” is the banging lead single, featuring a posthumous beat from J Dilla and guest spot from Talib Kweli. 

Average: 6.5 (16 votes)

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