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Download: Vyle "Drop Down (So Chi. 1995 Mix)"

Label: Unreleased

Vyle will describe his own work as "sort of like an American stuck in a coin-operated Pachinko Hall in Tokyo." Which is to say, he pulls from a fairly diverse range of genres when making music, arranging layers of hip-hop, pop, Miami bass, and ghetto-house alongside one another. For this track, the Chicago-based rapper and producer went crazy with the synths and laptop-generated noise for the So Chi 1995 Mix, which didn't initially sound like a good combo to pair with rap verses. But we gave it a listen and now it's on full-blast at the XLR8R office. 


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Download: Chairlift "Evident Utensil"

Label: Kanine

Fine arts, film, jazz, and faux gothic architecture inform the work of Chairlift on its forthcoming debut full-length, Does You Inspire You. Oh, and the '80s. The three-piece Brooklyn-based outfit pays homage to that particular decade with high-pitched synth melodies and poppy vocals that don't sound as though they were made by a group of unassuming kids originally from Colorado. They're currently hashing tunes off the album out in the live setting, on a tour with weirdo-rock master Ariel Pink. Does You Inspire You will be available on October 28.  


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Download: MIT "Rauch (Coma Remix)"

MIT is an electronic punk band from Cologne, Germany. Coma is a production duo whose members like rock as much as they do rave music. Together, the two parties have turned this track, off MIT's debut album, Coda, into a hypnotic remix best suited to those drug-addled nights on the dancefloor (seriously, it sounds like it was done with an ecstasy trip in mind). With a hard-hitting bassline, insistent handclaps, and a powerful beat, this is definitely the epitome of dark, soul-less techno, and we wouldn't have it any other way. 


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Download: Curumin "Compacto"

After a five-month delay, Curumin's sophomore full-length, JapanPopShow, is ready to drop on October 7 and finds the Brazil-based producer weaving a few strains of pop into his dense instrumentation. The word “compacto” doesn't yield any results in an online translation program, and if you don't speak Portuguese you won't know what this guy is singing about, but everyone can enjoy the mellow guitar strumming and dubbed-out rhythms that make up this track, along with a little scratching and vocal manipulation. This song makes us want to grab a cocktail and hit the beach.  


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Download: Mochipet "Rambunktion Remix"

Fresh of a lengthy tour of the U.S. and Europe, David Wang (a.k.a. Mochipet) will return to his home in the Bay Area just in time for a record release party in honor of his Michrophonepet album on August 9. The man who incorporates everything from dubstep to techno to hip-hop into his tracks and started his musical career playing metal guitar will wow the crowd alongside Freestyle Fellowship's Mykah9, Alphapup member Mike Boo, Raashan of Crown City Rockers, and others. And here, to further peak your interest, is a remix of the track "Rambunktion," off the new album, featuring the aforementioned Mike Boo, Taiwankid, and two-man rap machine 215TFK. Photo by Alexander Warnow. 


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Download: Takka Takka "Silence"

In the words of Takka Takka member Gabe Levine, the band's new record, Migration, is about experimenting with sound and form, being in places one doesn't belong, honesty, and his mother. What that adds up to on the track "Silence" is a lyrical landscape about loneliness layered down over catchy guitar hooks and snares. The band, who has been playing together since 2004, commissioned Sean Greenhalgh (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah) to produce the album, which was recorded in Brooklyn and also features performances by The National's Bryan Devendorf and Lee Sargent of CYHSY. It's indie-pop at its most ambitious, and we're loving every layer of this tune. 


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Download: Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez "Mostly A Friend"

Label: Carpark

A new signee to Carpark Records, Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez boasts not only a catchy name, but also the ability to dabble in multiple genres adeptly. The Baltimore resident has done electro-pop with his now-defunct Cache Cache outfit, played in a folks music band, and makes electronic music on the side with his project The Ruby Stallion Ensemble. For his debut album under his given name, Gonzalez turns to acoustic guitars and simple melodies with Why is Bear Billowing?, set for release in mid-August. All that plus he's a member of Baltimore's esteemed Wham City collective with Dan Deacon. We imagine his iCal is pretty booked up at this point. 

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