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Download: M83 "Graveyard Girl"

Label: Mute

Anthony Gozales has once again proven himself one of the masters of 21st-century shoegaze with his fifth studio album under the M83 moniker. Saturdays = Youth, to be released shortly on Mute, finds the French producer enhancing the vocals, guitars, and percussion with his trademark dreamy synth notes, and structurally, songs on this album feel more coherent than on any other of Gonzales' releases. "Graveyard Girl" is the album's first single. Photo by Anouck Bertin. 

Average: 7.7 (49 votes)

Download: The Acorn "Crooked Legs"

Label: Paper Bag

Influenced by Honduran folk music of the 1950s, as well as by West Indian rhythms, Glory Hope Mountain, the sophomore release from Canadian indie rockers The Acorn, finds the band digging deeper than ever–lyrically and musically. Theme-wise, the album is an homage to frontman Rolf Klausener's mother, tracing her unstable beginnings in Honduras to a life-changing relocation to Montreal. The storyline is accompanied by an intricate musical arrangement of strings and percussion.  

Average: 7 (13 votes)

Download: Christopher Bissonnette "Jour et Nuit"

Label: Kranky

Not content sticking with Detroit techno or his fine art course of study, Christopher Bissonnette began experimenting with sound, spoken word, turntables, and eventually hooked up with Windsor, ON artist Chris MacNamara to form the Thinkbox media collective in 1997. One performance at Mutek later, Bissonnette found himself with material that would eventually make up his debut solo album, Periphery. "Jour et Nuit" shows us what he's been doing since that time, and comes off the forthcoming In Between Words release, out this spring on Kranky. 

Average: 7.7 (21 votes)

Download: Atmosphere "Shoulda Known"

When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold, the sixth studio album from Minneapolis-based Atmosphere, finds the two-man machine of Slug and Ant at the top of their game when it comes to storytelling and songwriting. Already known as an introspective rapper, Slug crafted the rhymes on this new album around fictional narratives whose subjects reach far beyond his own life and experiences, while Ant further pushing his melodic, hook-driven beats. And we've got to give these guys props for one of the best album titles to surface so far this year. 

Average: 7.7 (29 votes)

Download: MC Gringo "Alemão"

Label: Man

German-born MC Bernhard Hendrik Hermann Weber Ramos De Lacerda wouldn't seem like the most likely candidate to break into Rio's baile funk scene, but that's exactly what he's done under his MC Gringo guise. Though he has only lived in Brazil a short time, Lacerda has already amassed a strong following with his live shows, in which he showcases his witty lyrics and adeptness at rapping in the Portuguese language. Taken from Gringão, his debut full length on Man Recordings, "Alemão" finds the MC lyrically pondering his career thus far. 

Average: 7.7 (35 votes)

Download: UFO! "Forbidden Love"

Label: Sanguine

He's largely known for his work in the U.S. drum & bass scene, but Ed Garro's latest effort under his UFO! moniker finds the S.F. native exploring dancefloor-ready, 4/4 territory for the first time. The music on Logic is Lunacy retains the same distorted noise and aggressive beats found in Garro's earlier work, but also sees carries shades of rock, electro, and, and other genres. Logic is also the first time Garro has played the role of vocalist, signaling a definite left turn in his musical direction. 

Average: 7.7 (42 votes)

Download: The Carps "Heaven's Gates & Hell's Flames (Redux) feat. The Cool Kids"


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Average: 7.9 (80 votes)

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