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Download: The Emergency "Spending Time"

Funk is one of the most grossly overused words in music journalism, but one can't help thinking of the term when listening to The Emergency's "Spending Time." The basslines groove, the the harmonies slink, and if the vocals didn't remind us of pasty white Englishmen from the mid-'80s, we might be convinced this track is straight from the 1960s. Love those handclaps too. 


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Average: 7.8 (193 votes)

Download: Clipd Beaks "Black Glass"

Hoarse LordsClipd Beaks' debut for Brooklyn's Lovepump United imprint–sees the California-based band rolling out more heavy-handed synths,  jagged, indecipherable vocals, and unpredictable tempo shifts. Love them or hate them, but it's hard not to pay attention to this band and its bizarre form of experimental rock.   

Average: 7.3 (11 votes)

Download: DJ Bitman "Shine"

Chilean export José Antonio "Toto" Bravo found acclaim as one-half of the Bitman and Roban duo, which combined Latin flavors with funk and hip-hop for several years. Bravo's solo work as DJ Bitman comes in the form of the recently-released Latin Bitman album, which explores a smoother, more acoustic side of multilingual hip-hop and its many sub-genres. 


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Average: 7.7 (58 votes)

Download: Rodion "Electric Soca (Cosmo Vitelli Remix)"

Label: Gomma

Frenchman Cosmo Vitelli gets his hands on

Average: 7.8 (53 votes)

Download: Junk Science "Do It Easy (Daedelus Remix)"

Definitive Jux's newest addition to its ever-growing arsenal of street-saavy Caucasian rappers comes in the form of Brooklyn-based duo Junk Science. These beer-loving hip-hop heads' sophomore album, Gran'Dad's Nerve Tonic, is witty, soulful, and still gangster enough to keep up with labelmate Cage. This Daedelus remix can also be found on limited-edition 7” vinyl. 

Average: 7.4 (44 votes)

Download: WHY? "The Hollows"

Label: anticon.

For those who can't wait to hear the forthcoming EP from Yoni Wolf's WHY? project, catch the title-track from the release a couple weeks in advance. "The Hollows" boasts slow, brooding guitars and lyrics with a subtly angst-ridden feel. We love pop that's got an edge of impending doom. Photo of Sarah Cass. 

Average: 7.8 (184 votes)

Download: Roots Manuva "Witness (1 Hope)"

Label: Big Dada

South London's Roots Manuva has had a stronghold on the dub-meets-hip-hop realm for the better part of the last decade–collaborating with everyone from Gorillaz to The Cinematic Orchestra, in addition to recording for labels as diverse as Ninja Tune, 23 Skidoo's Ronin imprint, and of course, Big Dada. "Witness (1 Hope)," taken from the Big Dada compilation Well Deep: 10 Years of Big Dada Recordings, is a taste of just how impacting Roots has been in many facets of urban music. 


Average: 7.7 (47 votes)

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