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Download: Worthy "Irst_Te (Christian Martin Remix)"

Label: dirtybird

"Irst_Te" is more of the heavy-hitting space-tech that dirtybird keeps spouting. With Christian Martin (one-half of the Martin brothers) summoning the drum & bass demons, Worthy's single could easily make a shuttle to space an instantaneous rager. For more rage-ready tunes, check out the exclusive dirtybird mix just added to the XLR8R Podcast

Average: 7.4 (14 votes)

Download: Escort "All That She Is"

Label: Escort

The 15-member, disco-centric outfit from Brooklyn is a boogie fanatic's dream. "All That She Is" makes for a spacey, slow-burning return to the heyday of cosmic fever, and any group that can turn out live violin leads, layered synths, and harmonic vocals with such finesse will win over any club. 


Average: 7.3 (21 votes)

Download: Von Sudenfed "Fledermaus Can't Get Enough"

Label: Domino

When Mouse and Mars and The Fall's Mark E. Smith join forces, the result is an album packed with the grittiest electro, bassiest dubstep, and the most ear-splitting noise we've heard in a while. "Fledermaus Can't Get Enough" makes for one of the most creative collaborations in recent history. 


Average: 7.4 (7 votes)

Download: Josh Dahlberg "So Electro"

Michigan-based Josh Dahlberg is a refiner of the Detroit sound. Taking classic techno and adorning it with heavy-metal textures and Kraftwerkian vocals, this breakthrough artist is well on the way to making an impact on dance music. 


Average: 4.1 (20 votes)

Download: Drop The Lime "Hear Me (Monster Mosh 4x4 Dub)"

Drop the Lime is back, with more subsonic bass blasphemy. “Hear Me” is a club-ready, 4/4 ascent into mosh-friendly, post- drum & bass bliss. Complete with DTL’s patent vocals, the track is taken from the forthcoming single featuring a Curses! remix, an extended dance mix, and an a faster 4/4 take on the future.  


Average: 7.3 (13 votes)

Download: Anthony B "Just Can't Live That Way"

Anthony B has released over 12 records–none of which have sounded as clean as Higher Meditation. Produced by Maximum Sound's Frenchie, "Just Can't Live That Way" is the live-instrumentation gateway into a revolutionary and righteous lifestyle. With shining guitars and a passionately gruff voice, Anthony B has just made the Greensleeves catalog that much more esteemed. 


Average: 7.8 (16 votes)

Download: Liars "It Fit When I Was a Kid (Crystal Castles Remix)"

Label: Mute

Liars have been blowing minds for a hot minute now, and on the Read more » 

Average: 7.1 (16 votes)

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