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Download: Murderbot "My Streets"

One of the U.S.'s leading ragga jungle producers, Murderbot leads something of a double life, as a mild-mannered grad student from Kansas City named Chrissy by day and moonlighting as a party-mashing junglist. His precise drum programming and sense of harmonic structure keep his tracks precise, while a simple desire to tear up the dancefloor boosts the energy level of these tracks. Fun tidbit: Chrissy once wrote a poem about the amen break that was published in XLR8R

Average: 7 (22 votes)

Download: Plus Device "Ultra Seductive"

Label: Hefty

The ultra-secretive project Plus Device released its 'Body Heat EP' in June of 2006, and since then there's been nonstop buzz, much of the conversation centered on just who these guys actually are. Content to stay concealed in the shadows though, they let their sound do the talking. Think electro-funk influenced by Detroit, Chicago, and acid house, with subtle nuances of Eliot Lipp woven into the tracks. Puncture, the band's longplayer, embodies these elements and more. 

Average: 6.4 (24 votes)

Download: Daedelus "Remix of Nothing"

Label: Alpha Pup

Ah Daedelus. The L.A.-based whizz kid we know as Alfred Weisberg-Roberts and never grow tired of. The guy famous for including old '30s and '40s cinema samples in his song compositions and keeping that idea fresh over the course of several albums. The artist who unveiled the Monome, a custom-built sample trigger device, at his live shows and wowed crowds with his ability to offer several genres up in a few bars of music. To hear all these things compiled in a single place, check out his 'Denies The Days Demise' EP, out now, and be sure to see his live performance at Hefty's Your Formula Life party this weekend in Chicago. 

Average: 6.4 (20 votes)

Download: Cougar "Merit"

Label: Layered

Like most bands, Cougar began as something casual–a bunch of guys tinkering around with music in a freezing Wisconsin basement–that turned into a full-length album complete with tour dates and lots of media attention. Law is full of hook-laden melodies that sweep over guitar chords and intentionally imperfect beats–real or programmed. Make no mistake, this is passionate, powerful, and unabashedly epic instrumental music. 

Average: 7.1 (26 votes)

Download: Milenasong "Figs Tree"

As previously reported on xlr8r.com links to, the Norwegian singer/songwriter Milenasong is set to release her debut album Seven Sisters in just a few short weeks. For the album she worked with the legendary folk pioneer Jeff Tarlton, who assisted in turning her eclectic compositions into one cohesive unit that balances traditional song writing and psychedelic experiments with equal ease. Dark Captain/Light Captain and Sculpture are among the guests appearing on this album. 


Average: 6.5 (38 votes)

Download: Bong-Ra vs. Deformer "Ori Ede Remix"

Label: Redrum

Jason Kohnen and jungle/hip-hop producer Mike Redman once again join forces as Bong-Ra vs. Deformer, to represent both their love of the breakbeat and their Dutch heritage. The vocals on the track feature the Surinam language, a nationality widely represented in the duo's home base of Rotterdam, and are sung (or screamed, in some cases) over crackling breaks and punching, groaning basslines. 

Average: 5.5 (15 votes)

Download: Ghislain Poirier "Dem Nah Like Me feat. Mr Lee G"

Label: Shockout

Montreal's Ghislain Poirier teams up with Brooklyn's Mr Lee G for some new riddims and convincing flow on his third 12'' for the Shockout imprint. A master at mashups, Poirier's musical tastes combine grime, global hip-hop, Bali beats, and tons of bass. On 'Dem Nah Like Me' he adds some UK ragga flavor to his hip-hop beats, creating a thoughtful and very infectious track.  

Average: 6.9 (41 votes)

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