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Download: Damiak "Tall Hat Greeting"

Label: n5MD

Some will call it glitch-pop or melancholic IDM, but Abe Dichi (a.k.a. Damiak) is really just a multi-instrumentalist who knows how to make a song speak volumes. Not unlike Icelandic mood-swingers Múm or Efterklang, Damiak tweaks bells and space to create the sad man's domain. "Tall Hat Greeting" is a triumph for n5MD and made musicians who take their craft seriously.  


Average: 7.7 (17 votes)

Download: Bumps "Tryplmeade Gorsmatch"

When three percussionists from post-rock behemoth Tortoise make a breakbeat record, the odds are that it's going to be groundbreaking. Bumps first release for Stones Throw, Beats, Breaks, Raw, Drums, beams with Latin, Jazz, Afroabeat, and yes, a little post-rock rhythm. Is there anything these guys can't accomplish musically?  

Average: 6.5 (11 votes)

Download: Bassnectar "Kick It Complex"

Label: Om

Unlike the more "chill" artistry of Om Records, Bassnectar thrives on the power of bass fire. Fusing deep dubstep rhythms and dirty hip-hop drum kits, "Kick It Complex" is destined to win over more than just bearded festival-goers.  

Average: 7.5 (20 votes)

Download: Guitar "Here"

Label: Onitor

Michael Lueckner (a.k.a. Guitar) has returned with another amplified whirlwind of psych-guitar madness. Taken from his newest release, Dealin with Signal and Noise, "Here" is an epic, post-shogaze delay fest. Processed noise rarely sounds this good. 


Average: 6.2 (7 votes)

Download: All Teeth And Knuckles "Let's Undress and Listen to CSS"

S.F.'s very own All Teeth and Knuckles has stolen the soul of all things Read more » 


Average: 6.6 (12 votes)

Download: Dolby-Anol "Heather, I'm Dry"

Label: Tigerbass

Dolby-Anol is the chip right off of the electro-psych block. This Glasgow-based duo composes the most righteous analog-house, sample-shuffling dance tracks this side of Simian Mobile Disco. Taken from the boys' Tigerbass debut Dolby & Gabbana, "Heather, I'm Dry" is imbued with layers of colorful synth-dirge and bleeping chaos from the cosmos.  

Average: 7.6 (22 votes)

Download: Lifesavas "Gutterfly feat. Camp Lo"

Label: Quannum

Portland-based hip-hop duo Lifesavas is unquestionably one of the most soulful outfits to grace the indie scene without coming close to cheesy soul status." Gutterfly is another tight offering beaming with horn-sample-heavy, production and lyrics that prove how fly both VURSATYL and JUMBO's collaborative work can actually be. "Gutterfly," the single, features Camp Lo (the East Coast soul reps), whipping up more versatile hip-hop that Shaft himself could vibe with. Photo by Amanda Lopez. 

Average: 7.3 (15 votes)

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