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Download: The Blow "Hock It (YACHT Remix)"

Label: K

Although electro pop is usually the label slapped on these two, Portland's Khaela Maricich and Jona Bechtolt (a.k.a. The Blow) have reissued their shiny, not-for-the radio Poor Aim: Love Songs, an album that defies all genre. 

Average: 6.3 (18 votes)

Download: Panda Bear "Comfy In Nautica"

Label: Paw-Tracks

Animal Collective member Noah Lennox dusts off his sampler, plugs in his acoustics, and rocks out on his third full-length under the Panda Bear moniker. Person Pitch is a feel-good trip through Lennox’s personal changes and his ever-increasing sonic palette. 

Average: 6.8 (18 votes)

Download: Faruk Green "Fantasy Girl #1"

Label: Thorn 01

They say everything comes in threes, and Faruk Green likes to remind us of this fact. The three-piece band consisting of Ozgur, Engin, and Adem hails from three countries and, some say, three different planets. Two more follow-ups to their current 7” will complete the picture. 

Average: 7.4 (26 votes)

Download: Phon.o "Pimpin TinTin feat. TinTin"

A veteran of the Detroit underground, Carsten Aermes (a.k.a. Phon.o) blends his southern crunk-style production with techno undertones and vocals from TinTin, for a sound he touts as Euro-Crunk.  

Average: 7.2 (19 votes)

Download: DJ Emerson "Big Spliff"

Label: Micro.fon

Somewhere between minimal and banging, micro.fon labelhead DJ Emerson finds a home in the land of techno. A mainstay in Berlin’s music scene, his experience at working the dancefloor shines through as the most striking element in his production work. 


Average: 7.6 (25 votes)

Download: Deerhoof "+81"

Deerhoof's always been a band that loves keeping the fans intrigued, and the San Francisco trio's latest album, Friend Opportunity, is just another example of the sizzling guitar riffs and innovative noise-pop that keeps us listening again and again. 

Average: 5.2 (15 votes)

Download: A Sunny Day in Glasgow "Watery"

Label: Notenuf

Don't be fooled by the name. A Sunny Day in Glasgow is based not in Scotland, but Philadelphia, and the band has unleashed its Scribble Mural Comic Journal album to the masses armed with plenty of mandolins, banjos, noise, samplers, and hints of dance-pop. Think Cocteau Twins merged with Aphex Twin, and a jangle of My Bloody Valentine in between, and if that still doesn't make sense then you'll just have to buy the album. 

Average: 6.8 (15 votes)

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