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  • 11/17/2010

c.db.sn "4amcatattaq"

On December 15, Colorado bass-centric imprint Plastic Sound Supply officially drops its first volume of a new compilation series focusing on producers from its home state, interestingly titled Experimental Dance Breaks 36. While it's certainly not the 36th edition in a series, and you're not likely to find many 'dance breaks' in its skittering, woofer-abusing tracks, the inferred experimental nature of the release is certainly valid. Take this production from Denver native c.db.sn, where elements of electronic genres across the board—including bits from ambient, glitch, bass, IDM, and techno sub-strains—coalesce into a somber tune that's simultaneously familiar and refreshing. Maybe it's not the most 'out there' experimentation, but sometimes just giving a few of your favorite, trusted sounds a good tweak before arranging them in new ways is enough. If you can't wait for physical copies of Dance Breaks, you can nab a digital version here.

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