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  • 11/23/2010

Cepia "Hootenanny"

Minneapolis resident Huntley Miller is reviving his longstanding production moniker, Cepia, for a brand-new full-length album, the self-titled Cepia. Ditching the well-regarded confines of his former label home, Ghostly, Miller will release the 10-song album through his own Cepia Music imprint on December 7, and gives us that record's first single here. "Hootenanny" certainly sounds like the work of a producer who has been around for a while, and continues to keep his fingers on the pulse of the ever-expanding realm of electronic music. While hypnotic analog synth loops float in circles à la Autechre's earliest tracks, thick low end rumbles underneath a sparse dubstep-inspired beat and dislocated rhythmic noise plays about in stereo. Cepia continues to add little touches of warped sound bytes as "Hootenanny" runs its course, occasionally giving those elements more room to breathe by dropping out the song's solid core.

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