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  • 01/26/2011

Brokenchord "Dribble Drift"

This warbling, beat-heavy track from Lithuanian (yes, "Lithuanian," we double checked) producer Brokenchord may seem a bit all over the place at first. "Dribble Drift" starts out with crisp synth tones swelling into the forefront, sounding like it's about to drop into a poignant club number or maybe even a bit of synth-pop à la M83, but instead, the touching melodies give way to a somber soundscape made of woozy guitar plucks and subtle rhythmic sounds that twist and turn in their environment. Brokenchord continues to inundate his track with ominous bass frequencies, head-knocking beats, and a plethora of other adventurous sonic elements—further proving him to be a strong musical force worthy of keeping a watchful eye on. So it should go without saying that we're also digging on his just-released "A Girl of 13 Summers"/"Orion" single for the Black Acre label, which you can preview here.

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