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  • 03/01/2011

Lucy "Gas"

Berlin aural auteur Lucy is about to release his latest, a full-length concept album built on the sounds of deep techno grooves and thick layers of noise. Entitled Wordplay for Working Bees, the album is coming out on March 4 via Stroboscopic Artefacts, and this entrancing six minutes of ominous sound is one of its 11 tracks. "Gas" crawls out slowly from the primordial goop of producer Luca Mortellaro's creative psyche, into a chrome-lined incubation chamber warmed by distorted dissonance and thought-engulfing sub frequencies, before developing into a fully formed, dark minimal-techno track for the dystopic future. At only four cuts in, it's part of a decidedly strong start to Lucy's LP, the whole of which can be heard on his Soundcloud profile, here.

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