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  • 02/08/2011

Dinowalrus "Gift Shop (Pink Skull Sexy Dudes In Flip-Flops Remix)"

Since we last heard from Brooklyn's psyched-out, post-punk-indebted Dinowalrus (pictured above), the outfit has gone through a bit of a reformation in both sound and style. Now boasting a stronger proclivity for acid-y synths and pop hooks, Dinowalrus has been finishing up its sophomore album, which is slated for release in mid-2011. The original version of "Gift Shop" will appear on that forthcoming record, but what we have here is a remix of that tune by Philly's own Pink Skull. The weirdo tunesmith keeps the psychedelic vibes alive on his version of the song, wrapping jangly guitar riffs, raspy vocal hooks, cyclical percussion, and all kinds of warped noise around a thumping dance beat. The end result sounds something like what we might expect from a jammy band like, say, Tussle or Geoff Barrow's Beak>—a group that juxtaposes hypnotic polyrhythms, spacey synth washes, and tweaked bass and guitar sounds, a group like Dinowalrus.

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