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Download: Altroy "Tokui Waza"

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Label: Pomelo

Vienna-based label Pomelo is set to celebrate its 20th anniversary over the course of the next two months with a pair of 12" compilations featuring tracks from the likes of Tin Man, Elektro Guzzi, and a handful of other locally based artists. Before releasing the 20 Years #1 12" on September 1, the label has passed along this contribution from Harlem-born techno producer Altroy (a.k.a. TJ Hicks). On "Tokui Waza," the artist flexes his dancefloor muscle, lacing the track's steady stomp with a wobbly bassline and an array of interlocking patterns fashioned from machine-made hits and resonant stabs. Altroy's produciton for the first 12" compilation in Pomelo's 20th anniversary series will be joined by others from Pulsinger & Irl, DJ Glow, and Buffered Multiple when the record drops next week. 

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Download: Elder Island "The Big Unknown (Ben La Desh Remix)"

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Earlier this summer, Bristol trio Elder Island issued its self-titled debut EP (artwork above) via the Four Thieves label. A five-track effort, the record saw the group meld together electronics and live instrumentation for a sound that is somewhat reminiscent of Brooklyn trio Archie Pelago, but with an extra dose of pop and the added presence of vocals. Pulled from the EP is "The Big Unknown," a funk-touched track which has been given a rework by Ben La Desh. Stretching the tune to exactly seven minutes, the Dutch producer's remix infuses Elder Island's original with a late-night pulse which peaks through dense layers of murky pads and a series of cloudy melodies. 

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Download: BSN Posse "Soul Rhythm"

Label: Freshmoon

"Soul Rhythm" is the title track from Spanish duo BSN Posse's new EP for the Freshmoon imprint. Described by the label as a slice of "easy-listening footwork," the tune is heavy on late-night vibes, coming flushed with moody keys and effervescent strings. Rhythmically, the track is very much indebted to the Chicago footwork tradition as sharp kicks, skittering hats, and crisp claps are used to fill the space left by the production's widespread arrangement. The BSN Posse's full Soul Rhythm EP is out now. 

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Download: Djedjotronic "Rotten"

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Label: Boysnoize

Landing somewhere between space-age electro and steely techno, "Rotten" is one of five tracks set to appear on Djedjotronic's forthcoming Drum Program EP. Built around industrial percussion tones and crisp drum machine hits, the track is acutely focused on its rhythmic content, looking only to a few icy, atmospheric touches and a sequence of looping bleeps to provide any sort of outright musical components. As it turns out, that's really all "Rotten" needs, as its rhythmic patterns frequently shift and evolve throughout the effort's four-plus minute run, making for an effective dancefloor tool. "Rotten" and the rest of Djedjotronic's Drum Program EP are set to arrive on September 1. 

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Download: Daisuke Tanabe "Origami"

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Label: Ki

Daisuke Tanabe is set to return to German label Ki with his Floating Underwater LP next month. Spanning 15 tracks, the record shows off the Japanese producer's (and former RBMA participant's) knack for crafting genre-defying beats. On "Origami"—a cut pulled from the first half of Floating Underwater—Tanabe sews together an off-kilter array of hi-fi percussion and fuzzy chords with a disjointed bass synth. The resulting concoction is pleasantly reminiscent of Uprock Narratives-era Prefuse 73—burnt with a touch of soul, the track can be unpredictable, though its spastic, miniature movements never venture too far off the map. An alluring taste of Tabane's forthcoming full-length, "Origami" can be download below before Floating Underwater officially drops on September 15. 

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Download: Clu "Aquatic Ambience"

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Label: Moodgadget

The Moodgadget imprint—where artists such as Shigeto and Mux Mool placed their early releases—is set to return this week with the Gems EP, a four-track record from Dublin-based A/V pair Clu. Pulled from that record is "Aquatic Ambience," a beat whose watery textures and lush arrangement are certainly well-matched to its title. One of the EP's shorter efforts, "Aquatic Ambience" begins by building patterns from synthesized vocals and detailed percussion tones. As the track progresses, Clu unravels a number of spiraling arpeggios and a series of re-tuned vocal phrases, all while the track's shuffling rhythmic bed continues to add more interlocking layers. The result is an immersive production that serves as an intriguing preview to Clu's upcoming Moodgadget debut, officially out tomorrow. 

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Download: Ténèbre "Psalm Pattern"

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A French producer currently residing in Seoul, South Korea, Ténèbre will issue the second record for his own Ténèbre Audio label next week. Titled "Poison the Machine" b/w "Bright", the upcoming effort is preceded by "Psalm Pattern," a strong-armed bonus track which showcases Ténèbre's knack for crafting heavy-handed techno hybrids. Piling heavy doses of industrial percussion and FX within its bass-heavy, six-minute run, "Psalm Pattern" is as much an electronic production as it is a feat of strength, resulting in a track that is clearly not for the faint of heart. In addition to offering a download of this loaded bonus cut, Ténèbre has also shared a preview stream of his forthcoming 12", which can be heard after jump.  Read more » 

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