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Download: Lumumba "Coltan"

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With the ambitious goal of "breaking barriers and pushing the envelope for soul music" in mind, Lumumba is set to drop its Tantalum EP via French outpost B.YRSLF Division, sharing EP cut "Coltan" ahead of its release next week. Opening with a distorted yelp, the peculiar production incorporates deconstructed elements of UK dance music: A low-growling vocal build is accentuated by subdued arpeggiations and a slow clap pattern, and melting synths create a somewhat uneasy feeling as they quickly shift between high-pitched chords and a slow-decaying whimper. Before the rest of Lumumba's unique Tantalum EP arrives on April 1, an early preview of its seven tracks can be found after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: DJ Earl & Heavee "Sex a Pill"

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As Teklife affiliate DJ Earl prepares his next EP for the All Roads imprint, we're treated to a smooth-flowing cut of Chicago footwork. Created with with the help of fellow Teklife producer Heavee, "Sex a Pill" begins with a looped set of glossy piano chords, which the pair builds on by easing chopped vocal bits into the mix. Quick percussive cuts make their way through the piece, giving the production a breadth of sound as soft snaps and hi-hats echo in the background. Before DJ Earl's as-yet-unannounced EP drops at the end of April, All Roads will host a label launch event on April 5 in East London, where DJ Earl will headline along with artists such as K-aze, Om Unit, and N-Type; the full details for that party are available here

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Download: Barrio Lindo "Yaguareté Abá"

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An instrument maker by trade, Barrio Lindo's "strong bond to the native tribes of his Argentinian home" can be heard throughout his compositions, which draw sounds from handmade instrumentation, and the vibrantly textured "Yaguareté Abá" from Lindo's forthcoming Menoko LP is no exception. Kicking off with percussive loops composed of hand-tapped drum patterns and wooden clattering sounds, the production escalates as high-pitched astral synth tones kick in, heavily contrasting with the organic beat. Heaving vocal chants are layered into the track, working together to forge a unique blend of rich sounds. The rest of Lindo's distinct compositions on Menoko are set to drop via Project: Mooncircle on April 4. 

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Download: Chevel "Viewpoint"

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"Viewpoint" is the kind of production that shines in its details. Appearing as the closing cut for Italian artist Chevel's forthcoming One Month Off EP, "Viewpoint" delicately builds a lattice of hi-fi percussion patterns, on top of which layers of glassy textures are gradually introduced. Eschewing any musical narrative, the track simply stands on its own as an immersive soundscape and an impressive expedition into detail-oriented electronic production. Before One Month Off drops on March 31 via Stroboscopic Artefacts, Chevel's other four tracks from the EP can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Hypnotized "Ghost Walk (Shinamo Moki Remix)"

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Citing an array of influences including "'90s anime, Japanese contemporary art, nature, and eastern architecture," as well as prominently using Japanese katakana in its social media, international duo Shinamo Moki (a.k.a. Auryn Tate and Felix Treadwell) has used its unique cultural flair on a new remix for Brighton band Hypnotized (pictured above). Reinterpreting the original song from the band's Telesto EP (set to drop via Love Thy Neighbour on March 24), "Ghost Walk (Shinamo Moki Remix)" opens up with a gruff vocal snippet of a man speaking in Japanese, after which the track moves towards a mix of maraca-led rhythms and spacey sounds. Taking care to preserve the psychedelic nature of Hypnotized's sound, Shinamo Moki's warm groove is a medley of swooping synths weaving their way through the bouncy production. 

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Download: Only Rays "Michael Bleach's Ones and Twos"

Emerging London producer Only Rays has just released his eponymous EP on vinyl, and is set to drop it digitally via Leaving Records on March 25. Mastered by label head Matthewdavid, Only Rays cut "Michael Bleach's Ones and Twos" could easily fall under the LA beat scene umbrella, as it offers plenty of similarities to various Leaving Records and Brainfeeder affiliates. But the track also incorporates less obvious elements, using its shattered percussion and rhythmic bassline with a generally disjointed and intricate approach.  

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Download: Myler "Cake Walk (Interferon Remix)"

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Label: Vials

Headed by Druid Cloak, the Apothecary Compositions label has rapidly pieced together an impressive discography, so much so that it has already branched a new 7" label. Inaugurating the Vials imprint on March 24 will be the Butter Soft Leather EP from Irish producer Myler, who recently contributed to Fifth Wall's No Man Is an Island compilation. Alongside Myler's three original productions for the EP is this remix from budding stateside techno head Interferon. Spanning just over six minutes, Interferon's rework closes Vials' debut release with a rush of brooding textures and industrial rhythms.  

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