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  • 03/10/2011

Ssaliva "Crayola"

Matthewdavid's consistently interesting Leaving Records label has just debuted a new producer from Belgium, named Ssaliva, via the cassette-only Thought Has Wings album (you can nab a copy of that here). A few of the artist's warbling, '80s-radio-sampling tracks have been floating around the blogs lately ("Teenage Brain" and "Best Lose the Dream," for starters), but "Crayola" is currently our favorite of the bunch. On this production, Ssaliva keeps things repetitious and psychedelic, but employs a thick and infectious bassline along with his melodious beatscapes to elevate the song into some kind of mutant house tune. Pair this one with your favorite Games track and maybe one of Hype Williams' more upbeat numbers, and you'll be on your way to a proper lo-fi dance music mix in no time.

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