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  • 03/07/2011

Touchphonics "Ragga Style (feat. The Ragga Twins) (128 Mix)"

Here we've got a bit of a different step from the usual fare over at San Francisco's Elevated Press imprint, which usually focuses more on drum & bass and hip-hop. SF-based producer Touchphonics slows this track down to a steady 128 BPM, utilizing an army of percussive elements, including some colossal kicks and snares, to pound out a steady UK funky-esque pattern. Rhythm is definitely the focus of this track, as the only signs of melody can be found in the gurgling synth warbles and occasional shouted vocals of the Ragga Twins. Not that it's a bad thing; rhythm is also "Ragga Styles" strong point too, as the unrelenting clattering of hand percussion and giant drums are impossible to escape, as if you would even want to. "Ragga Styles (128 Mix)" can be found with its original counterpart on the forthcoming "Ragga Styles" 12" (artwork above) slated for release on March 29.

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