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  • 03/02/2011

Matthew Dear "Slowdance (How to Dress Well Seance)"

In the midst of working on his "seance" (read: cover/remix/etc.) for Matthew Dear's forthcoming Slowdance EP (pictured above), Brooklyn's soulful lo-fi specialist How to Dress Well must have taken a break from his old-school R&B obsessing and nursed a little itch to hear some poignant '80s pop—namely, Berlin's "Take My Breath Away." Singer/producer Tom Krell didn't exactly steal from the classic song, but you can hear some distinct similarities in both vocal performances. As it happens, Krell's song may even reach loftier heights of heart-wrenching emotions; from a distant and hidden place he mumbles unintelligible stanzas with his patently injured falsetto while strangely crisp synths swell and sink around shuffles of distorted noise. You can hear more versions of "Slowdance" from the likes of Todd Edwards, Nicolas Jaar, and Bear in Heaven, among others, when Matthew Dear's EP drops on April 5.

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