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  • 03/29/2011

Moths "Summer"

Caught somewhere between the hip-hop sensibilities of beat music, the unabashed hook obsession of chillwave, and the ghostly moods of witch house you'll find Jack Colleran (a.k.a. Moths), a 17-year-old tunesmith who calls Ireland home. "Summer" is the latest track to drop on the internet from young Colleran, and it gathers those aforementioned contemporary sounds into one minimalist production boasting a sheen that belies the creator's age and brief musical career. Moths' quasi-tropical hook dances nimbly over a half-time groove, buried vocal coos, and the subtlest of molasses-paced basslines—rarely veering from its original formula. With only four original tunes under his belt, it'll certainly be interesting to see where this hungry artist takes his influences next.

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