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Download: Azari & III "Into the Night (Nicolas Jaar Remix)"

Label: Scion A/V

A few weeks back, we premiered the video for "Into the Night" from Toronto's Azari & III, and now we've got our hands on a remix of the song from New York prodigy Nicolas Jaar (pictured above). Jaar strips down the glammed-out house and funk of the original tune (which you can download over at Pitchfork) in favor of a more sparse and dark creation lead by moody piano chords. He also expands the track to almost double its original length, playfully building up and breaking down the elements a few times, never letting it fully hit for too long. As far as dance music goes, it's a remarkably rewarding exercise in patience and one we're happy to undertake. The remix and original track will be available as part of the Into the Night EP on November 22. Fans of Jaar should also take note that his debut full-length will be dropping on his own Clown and Sunset imprint in early 2011.  

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Download: Superisk "Find Your Way VIP"

Label: Punch Drunk

Amidst dubstep's move into the pop sphere, it's tempting to write off the genre, yet it's important to remember that many of dubstep's formative players continue to re-imagine and re-invent dubstep's familiar structure. Among these few pioneers is Bristol's Peverelist, both an influential producer and curator as the owner of the Punch Drunk label. Just last week, the imprint released Worth the Weight, a two-disc compilation featuring early dubstep pioneers like Pinch and Appleblim alongside more current influentials like Shorstuff, Hyetal, and Joker. Looking to PD's next generation of artists, the Bristol-based Superisk is someone who has already stood out—we streamed his Find Your Way EP back in September—and now he's offered up a VIP version of the EP's title track to Poland-based blog BBQ. For this version, Superisk exchanged the sparse drums of the original and filled the space with an urgent bassline while adding a new layer of purple fuzz to the synths. 

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Download: Souleance "Passarinho"

Label: First Word

A handful of weeks ago we filled you in on Paris beatmaker Fulgeance's new EP for Musique Large, and now we bring you Fulgeance in his Souleance incarnation, a project with partner Soulist. Souleance marks another foray into hip-hop sampling styles and drum kits, this time with an ear towards funk and more whimsical melody. The two will release an EP on November 22 called Soupape on First Word and we have the track "Passarinho" here for download. The song features chopped vocals worthy of a 9th Wonder comparison and Fulgeance's signature organ melodies that give the track extra warmth and personality.  

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Download: Dels "Trumpalump (Joe Goddard Remix feat. Ghostpoet)"

The kind of injured electro-soul that Hot Chip's Joe Goddard seems to create while barely batting an eyelash is another ideal soundscape to pair with Ghostpoet's own lovelorn essence. On this remix for Dels' (picture above) new single, "Trumpalump," the well-matched pair have a go at recreating the bombastic number in their own images. While Ghostpoet switches out Dels' flow for his own take on the personal verbiage, Goddard works out a somber, head-nodding beat with some touching Rhodes flourishes, a lulling bass melody, and a few ethereal harmonies that rise and fall in either ear. He sings the chorus, too, and it sounds just as heartfelt as anything he's done with his main musical outlet. We certainly wouldn't mind hearing more from this great collaboration. 

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Download: Slugabed "Donky Stomp (Mwëslee Remix)"

Brighton's ongoing skweee-loving club night Donky Pitch just established itself as a record label, too, with the release of its first 12", Slugabed's and Ghost Mutt's Donky Stomp EP. On that split release is this crunchy remix of the title track by Spanish producer Mwëslee. The hyped-up rework of the roaring tune by Slugabed (pictured above) is infused with a heaping share of incandescent synth melodies and ear-slapping crunk beats à la Hudson Mohawke, Rustie, and the rest of that young Scottish bunch—sounding like the theme song for a hip-hop DJ who doubles as a superhero by night. 

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Download: Phaseone "Being With You"

Label: Lefse

The good people of Sacramento-based Lefse Records have made available a track from the second edition of their ongoing Way Slow series, a "cover" of Soul For Real's "Being With You" from St. Louis-based producer Phaseone. The track is more of an instrumental reinterpretation than a cover, taking the song's original chord progression and vocal melody to new and more interesting territory. "Being With You" seems to be in no rush, slowly building on its laid-back R&B vibe for almost three minutes before kicking in with an assault of thick, layered synth pads and smooth, gliding melodies. Expect vocal chops, shuffling percussion fills, and plenty of slow head-nodding from this one. Phaseone's contribution to the Way Slow series, which also features a "cover" of Keith Sweat's "Right & Wrong," will be available December 14. 

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Download: Hironori Takahashi "Kyres"

In anticipation of his forthcoming EP from London's Aconito label, Tokyo-based techno producer Hironori Takahashi has released this stone-cold track just in time for the winter months to come upon us. From the beginning of "Kyres" (which will not appear on the EP), it feels like you've been shrunk and placed inside some sort of perfectly efficient techno machine, one driven by an intense kick and snare accompanied by clicky percussion and a deep bassline, all of which pulse consistently. The only glimpse we get of the outside world are the the muffled atmospheric field recordings that float atop the tune's dark, rhythmic core. Takahashi's EP, Gaia's Archetype, will be released on vinyl November 22 and features two new tracks along with an edit from Aconito label head nAX_Acid. Check the tracklist after the jump.  Read more » 

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