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  • 04/18/2011

Mountains "Thousand Square"

The long-standing duo of Brendon Anderegg and Koen Holtkamp, collectively known as Mountains, has a new LP, Air Museum (artwork above), on its way and has passed along this track as a preview of the forthcoming full-length. "Thousand Square" finds the duo exploring the familiar territory of sparkling ambiance with a host of intricate synth tones and manipulated field recordings. Beginning simply with a pulsating note, the pair carefully introduces new elements that serve to expand the track's humble beginnings into ever-growing sonic depths. Where less-seasoned creators of meandering soundscapes might overload the listener, Anderegg and Holtkamp seem to be able to delicately pile sound source upon sound source without disturbing the calming balance a track like "Thousand Square" evokes in its listeners. Surely Mountains will have many more similarly enriched aural landscapes for us to explore when Air Museum is released May 10.

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