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  • 05/09/2011

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Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross "Blacks (Shlohmo Remix)"

Shlohmo has taken this originally midtempo electro-pop tune from Dexter Tortoriello (a.k.a. Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross a.k.a. Houses, pictured above) to a darker, more desolate place than we're used to hearing from the SF beat head. Slowing things down to a lazy march, Shlohmo begins his remix with delicate twists of Tortoriello's crooning, turning them into unintelligible, ominous chants that seem to emanate inside an empty hall or a dank underground sewer. Gradually the trademark Shlohmo techniques start to creep in when drawn-out electric piano chords and detailed percussion begin to swell and Tortoriello's original vocals finally take on a more familiar pitch. Building and brewing the elements together in a dark moody swirl, the remixer deftly walks the line between ominous beat cloud and introspective boom-bap with rather impressive results. Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross' Blow EP, where you'll find the original version of "Blacks," is out now, strangely enough on Mad Decent.

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