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  • 05/10/2011

Pictureplane "Real Is a Feeling"

It's been nearly two years (about a lifetime and a half in internet years) since Denver's resident dark-pop patron and dimensional tamperer Pictureplane released his most recent LP, Dark Rift. But fear not, readers, the wait for its successor is almost over. July 19 marks the release of a new Pictureplane full-length, an 11-song "celebration of human touch in a digital world" called Thee Physical. This homemade rave jam is the world's first taste of that album, and exhibits Travis Egedy's continually evolving take on classic dance music, as well as his new penchant for hushed vocal hooks. (There's a pretty awesome video of a live performance of the tune here, too.) The emotive "Real Is a Feeling" is simultaneously familiar and fresh territory for Pictureplane, and excites us even more for the impending release of his long-awaited new effort. (via Pitchfork)

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