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Download: Clu "Aquatic Ambience"

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Label: Moodgadget

The Moodgadget imprint—where artists such as Shigeto and Mux Mool placed their early releases—is set to return this week with the Gems EP, a four-track record from Dublin-based A/V pair Clu. Pulled from that record is "Aquatic Ambience," a beat whose watery textures and lush arrangement are certainly well-matched to its title. One of the EP's shorter efforts, "Aquatic Ambience" begins by building patterns from synthesized vocals and detailed percussion tones. As the track progresses, Clu unravels a number of spiraling arpeggios and a series of re-tuned vocal phrases, all while the track's shuffling rhythmic bed continues to add more interlocking layers. The result is an immersive production that serves as an intriguing preview to Clu's upcoming Moodgadget debut, officially out tomorrow. 

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Download: Ténèbre "Psalm Pattern"

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A French producer currently residing in Seoul, South Korea, Ténèbre will issue the second record for his own Ténèbre Audio label next week. Titled "Poison the Machine" b/w "Bright", the upcoming effort is preceded by "Psalm Pattern," a strong-armed bonus track which showcases Ténèbre's knack for crafting heavy-handed techno hybrids. Piling heavy doses of industrial percussion and FX within its bass-heavy, six-minute run, "Psalm Pattern" is as much an electronic production as it is a feat of strength, resulting in a track that is clearly not for the faint of heart. In addition to offering a download of this loaded bonus cut, Ténèbre has also shared a preview stream of his forthcoming 12", which can be heard after jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Cubby "Hooded (Otik Remix)"

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Serving as the a-side to Brooklyn producer Cubby's (pictured above) recent 12" for Mermaid Ave., "Hooded" has been handed over to London resident Otik for a remix treatment. A somewhat unpredictable effort in its original form, Otik redirects the energy of Cubby's track in order to take "Hooded" down a more ravey path. After its initial intro, a brooding bassline signals a change of speed for Otik's rework, its elongated notes met by a barrage of chopped breaks that keep his version of "Hooded" moving at a breakneck pace. 

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Download: Shelby Grey "Glow in the Jungle"

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Shelby Grey is an active member of Barcelona's growing electronic scene, holding down a residency at the city's Nitsa Club and throwing the bi-monthly Diabolic Disco Invention party at another of the city's nightlife destinations, Moog. Next week, Grey will release his Leave It All Behind EP via the Holographic People imprint, and has passed along the brooding "Glow in the Jungle" to help spread the word. Stomping just below 100 bpm, the tune is led by an analog bassline, which pulses atop a swarm of ghostly synth tones and a series of driving rhythms. The hypnotic "Glow in the Jungle" will serve as Leave It All Behind's closing effort when Shelby Grey's upcoming three-track EP sees its release on August 26. 

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Download: Genuflex "The Last Gods (Eaux Remix)"

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Earlier this year, London crooner Genuflex (pictured above) released his "The Last Gods" single via Federal Prism. A dark and pulsing pop song lined with screeching textures, the track has now been given a remix treatment courtesy of fellow London trio Eaux. In its hands, Eaux reshapes "The Last Gods" into a more understated production, softening the original tune's edges in order to fit them into a more heavenly assemblage of active synth lines and bathing them in rich ambience. Likely the result of improvised manipulations, the remix eventually breaks down to a beatless mass of reverb-laden vocals and distant loops, which fade into the bell-like drones and restless electronics that appear in the rework's closing moments. 

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Download: Faze Miyake "Dun Kno"

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London producer Faze Miyake is one of a slew of artists set to perform at Rinse FM's upcoming 20th anniversary celebration, taking place at Fabric the first weekend of September. To preview his upcoming set, Miyake (who also helms his own monthly show on Rinse) has passed along "Dun Kno," a sparse and woozy beat that fits an array of FX and atmospheric touches between a guitar-like melody. Miyake will join the likes of Todd Edwards, Visionist, and DJ Haus at Rinse FM's upcoming party, a flier for which can be seen after the jump, while more information can be found here.  Read more » 

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Download: U.S. Hard "Junk"

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Label: Blankstairs

Portland artist and musician Santiago Leyba will release his debut EP as U.S. Hard next week via hometown label Blankstairs. Serving as a preview to the three-track effort is iead track, "Junk," which unrolls an array of sharpened percussion hits atop an overdriven techno base. Said to pull from Leyba's past work in post-hardcore, noise, and drone outfits, here U.S. Hard sounds focused on avoiding recognizable patterns as he restlessly manipulates and retunes a series of percussion hits, hardly landing on a repeatable phrase while rendering a handful of cowbells an metallic hits into the track's lead elements. Dropping on August 26, the Portland producer's self-titled debut EP as U.S. Hard can be streamed in full after the jump.  Read more » 

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