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Download: Wild Kid "Done Wrong"

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A New York transplant (by way of Providence, Rhode Island), Ryan Glassman is set to drop his debut EP as Wild Kid tomorrow via Druid Cloak's fast-growing Apothecary Compositions imprint. Entitled New Bethlehem, the five-track record will present three original compositions from Glassman alongside remixes from Slugabed and Celestial Trax. Here, we have Wild Kid's "Done Wrong" production, which begins with the strum of a distant guitar before unraveling a flurry of detailed rhythmic patterns intertwined with an immersive array of dense, swimming textures. The New Bethlehem EP sees its official release in cassette and digital form tomorrow, October 21; in the meantime, the rest of Wild Kid's debut EP can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: DLX "Moving Away"

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Label: Smog

A longstanding member of Los Angeles' Smog crew, DLX is set to drop his Quantum Bounce EP tomorrow, and has passed along closing cut "Moving Away" to serve as a preview. Spanning just over three minutes, the production sees DLX balancing some introspective musicality with ever-active drum programming, as the beatmaker deftly reshapes his rhythmic structures throughout the track, resulting in an effort that in many ways harkens back to the heyday of IDM while adding an extra bass weight to the proceedings. "Moving Away" and five other new DLX productions will see their official release on Tuesday, when the Quantum Bounce EP officially lands via Smog. 

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Download: Line Idle "Woodblocks (Automatic Tasty Remix)"

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The Wrong Island imprint has been in operation for just over a year, releasing cozy electronic outings from artists such as Automatic Tasty, M|O|O|N, and—starting tomorrow—Line Idle (a.k.a. Aleks Jurczyk, the resident synth specialist at Glasgow's Rubadub shop). Before his Woodblocks EP lands, the label has passed along this remix of the effort's title track from Automatic Tasty who, in his own words, is said to have "smushed" the track up, running the tune's percolating sound bites through "tape delays, then recorded to reel-to-reel, and back through tape delay." Reportedly, Automatic Tasty also sneaks in bits of 808, 101, and Juno underneath as well. The rework—which origianlly came to us with the lengthy official title "Automatic Tasty's Entirely Quite Useless at Chopping Logs Mix"—can be grabbed below, while Line Idle's upcoming Woodblocks EP is available to preivew after the jump before it lands in both vinyl and digital forms tomorrow.  Read more » 

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Download: Night & Tickets "August Morning in My City"

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For the final MP3 to appear in our Downloads section this week, we're taking a bit of a left turn in order to dive into some refracted tape manipulations from Night & Tickets. Though we don't know much about the outfit—other than that it hails from Vladivostok, Russia—we do know Night & Tickets' Actually I Really Hate Summer cassette will serve as one of four tapes to appear in the Constellation Tatsu label's "Fall Batch" of releases (all out on November 1). Featured here, "August Morning in My City" finds Night & Tickets slowly bringing together a collection of glowing textures, lined with heavy layers of hiss and noise, and constantly manipulated through any number of electronic devices. A collage of disparate samples and ever-morphing synth tones, the track does sneak in a handful of drum breaks throughout its run, which giving production a sense of forward momentum as Night & Tickets continues to add to its (somewhat surprisingly) warm and inviting sonic construction. 

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Download: Jacob 2-2 "Central and Mountain"

Label: King Deluxe

Earlier this week, Brooklyn-via-Atlanta producer Jacob 2-2 returned to the King Deluxe label with a new EP. Entitled The Rec, the eight-track effort sees Jacob 2-2 offering six funky ADD-beat hybrids while Muta and Stephen Farris have been enlisted to rework a track which first appeared on the Brooklyn resident's Herbivore LP, which also dropped via King Deluxe last year. Pulled from The Rec is "Central and Mountain," a somewhat stoney production which laces its thick hip-hop rhythms with breezy chords and a number of vintage-streaked synth melodies—a run of crystal-like bells, MIDI flute, and gliding Moog-style leads among them—before eventually sneaking some slap bass into the mix. (As an extra treat, Jacob 2-2 tags a nice bonus beat onto the end of this one too). While "Central and Mountain" can be grabbed below, a fantastically toy-based video for the producer's "Constuxon Time Again" track by animator/filmmaker Adam Brown can be watched in full after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Medlar "The Camberwell Beauty"

With the 2014 edition of the annual Amsterdam Dance Event festival in full swing this weekend, "music discovery service" 22tracks and file transfer service WeTransfer have decided to mark the occasion by putting together Transfer Tracks Vol. 1, a—you guessed it—22-track compilation. Nestled between productions from the likes of Jacob Korn, Sisterhood, and Julien Mier, among others, is Medlar's "The Camberwell Beauty" (one of a number of tunes exclusive to the collection). A warm, sample-based excursion, "The Camberwell Beauty" piles heavenly harp runs and jazzy Rhodes chords atop an array of lively percussion loops and shuffled snares. Medlar's entrancing contribution to Transfer Tracks Vol. 1 can be grabbed below, while the full compilation can be downloaded for free here

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Download: Lixo "Makes Me"

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London resident Alexander Hislop certainly keeps himself busy—the man oversees the GETME! label, helms a regular show on NTS Radio, and produces tracks under the name Lixo. His latest tune, "Makes Me," comes ahead of a Lixo EP which is currently in the works and likely to land sometime next year. A bulbous production, "Makes Me" is built atop a procession of choppy rhythms, the track's thick snares, precisely tuned kicks, and crisp bits of drum-machine percussion serving as the bed to an array of manipulated vocal chops and gritty chord stabs. 

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