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  • 06/06/2011

James & Evander "Slap Bracelets"

Bay Area locals James & Evander (one half of which, we should say, is XLR8R writer Glenn Jackson) recently dropped a brand-new EP on the world, a five-track offering called Constellating. Much like the duo's earlier work, a flurry of remix collections and proper albums that stretch back to 2009, the EP's tracks push a tender and intimate electronic vibe, but this time out, the pair managed to squeeze out a few pop-friendly vocal hooks. "Slap Bracelets" is one such tune, and starts out as a subtly upbeat number before escalating into M83-like heights of shimmering synth arpeggiations and driving drum beats. You can grab the rest of James & Evander's Constellating EP, which comes with a few bliss-heavy remixes from synth-pop compatriots Ander and shortcircles, here.

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