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  • 06/29/2011

Shampoo Voyagers "On the Street"

Earlier this year, we mused on the ambiguous nature of the Russian musical landscape. That being said, it has undeniably been the case that more and more material has begun to make its way out of the country. Take "On the Street," the latest offering from Shampoo Voyagers, a duo comprised of Maxim Ananyev (a.k.a. Tree Bosier) and Nikita Moor (a.k.a. Nikola), respectively based in the extremely geographically divided locales of Moscow and Khabarovsk (over 5000 miles apart!). Creating a slick and jazzy downtempo flow, "On the Street" brings to mind the unlikely pairing of Dam-Funk and Cornelius as its blunted G-funk bassline meets sunny chord progressions and chime-like guitar tones. Download the track below and if you like it, check out the outfit's soundcloud for more similarly jazz-minded tunes.

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