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Download: Leaks "Underthought"

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As Leaks, young Melbourne producer/vocalist Thomas Guida melds the influence of groups like Mount Kimbie and Maribou State with his own subdued take on soulful pop. "Underthought" is Guida's latest effort, the lead single to an as-yet-untitled EP set to drop via the Zero Through Nine imprint in November. Here, the artist begins by laying reticent vocals atop a a series of liquid tones and sparse, but jittery rhythms. It is after Guida's vocals fade away though that his talent as a beatmaker truly shine through, as "Underthought" pieces together an infectious melody of re-pitched vocals which bounce atop the track's lopsided skip.  

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Download: Nuances "A Nod Was the First Step"

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Label: WotNot

Curated by UK artist Manni Dee, the forthcoming Life Between Screens compilation aims to "encourage listeners to engage with music on a visceral level, liberating sound from its potentially functional shackles." To do so, the collection has gathered compositions from WANDA GROUP, Deft, Lotide, BNJMN, Shelley Parker, and others for its 11-track offering, which will be accompanied by a six-track cassette full of bonus efforts. One such production is "A Nod Was the First Step," which sees the comp's curator himself operating under his Nuances alias as he takes listeners on an elongated journey through crunchy ambience and gloomy, distant sonics. Both the Life Between Screens compilation and its accompanying cassette release will drop on September 22 via the WotNot label. 

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Download: Michael Walsh "Before When It Was New (Maheras Remix)"

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Label: Plastic Love

The fledgling label arm of Los Angeles event series Plastic Love will drop its second release next month in the form of a four-track EP from fellow LA resident Michael Walsh. Set to appear on the producer's upcoming Before When It Was New effort are two original tracks by Walsh, which will be joined by a remix from Aus cohort October as well as the rework featured here from Plastic Love co-founder Maheras. A track content to move in a number of directions in its original form, Maheras adds a bit of a jacking bounce to "Before When It Was New," on top of which he unfolds bits of hand drums, layers of airy percussion, and a number of the original track's cybernetic melodies, chopped and rearranged into new patterns. Walsh's Before When It Was New EP—his debut under his given name—will see its official release on October 6. 

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Download: Super Magic Hats "Coastline"

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Label: Hush Hush

Seattle's ever-growing Hush Hush imprint is set to welcome Melbourne-based electronic musician Rob Masterton (a.k.a. Super Magic Hats) to the fold later this month, when his Kumori EP lands on September 29. Translating from Japanese to "cloudy," Kumori will offer five hazy, pop-flecked productions from Masterton (two extra for those who grab the cassette version) including the breezy "Coastline." Somewhat reminiscent of Tycho's blissful constructions, "Coastline" floats angelic chords atop a driving mid-tempo beat, leaving plenty of space for Masterton to add reverb-soaked guitar strums and a number sparkling melodies to the expansive production. 

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Download: Pedro Vian "African Echoes"

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Having previously served as one half of Barcelona's Aster pair, Pedro Vian broke out on his own earlier this year with his Dancing Hindus EP (a four-track effort which included remixes from Madteo and Hieroglyphic Being). With another solo EP set to drop early next year, Vian—who recently launched his own Modern Obscure imprint—has dropped off a new freebie in the form of "African Echoes." The slow-pulsing cut lives up to its namesake, lacing its steady, Latin-touched rhythms with hypnotic loops of African choirs. The burgeoning Barcelona talent's "African Echoes" production can be downloaded below, while Vian's recent solo debut can be streamed in full after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Rhythm Operator "Mind Wave"

Label: Axe on Wax

Los Angeles producer Calvin James today releases his latest effort as Rhythm Operator, the four-track Illuminate Your Soul EP. Appearing via the fledgling Axe on Wax label, the record presents three original tracks from James along with a remix by UK up-and-comer Liam Geddes. To spread word of the release, James has passed along EP cut "Mind Wave," which takes a methodical path to crafting a piano-rich slice of skipping house. Peppered with tasteful vocal samples and layers of hand percussion, "Mind Wave" lands itself on the jazzier and more subdued end of the club music spectrum. Out today, the rest of Rhythm Operator's Illuminate Your Soul EP can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Marreck "False Martyr"

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Label: Bomb Shop

Marreck is the work of UK sound artist Michael Hann who has also released under the name Rejections and is responsible for overseeing the fledgling Reject and Fade label. Under his Marreck alias, Hann will next week issue the Thirteen Losses EP, which is said to collect four pieces of "soundsystem brutalism" including "False Martyr," the record's closing cut. An uncompromising composition, "False Martyr" is the kind of track that sounds like it is content to just let the machines run wild. A brooding analog pulse leads the production, appearing loosely tide to a rhythmic pattern, though it is constantly the result of manipulation. On top of this, Hann eventually layers a piercing, siren-like sheet of noise which grows as the electronics below become more and more unhinged. "False Martyr" and three other tracks not for the faint of heart will see their official release on September 22, when Marreck's full Thirteen Losses EP drops via Bomb Shop. 

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