Greeen Linez "Palm Coast Freeway"

Sometimes it's a bit baffling how inexhaustible the sounds of the '80s can still seem 30 or so years after they took place. Like on the appropriately titled "Palm Coast Freeway" by the Cambridge/Tokyo-based Greeen Linez project, where funky slap-n-pop basslines groove along with big Dâm-Funk-esque drum-machine beats, soulful Rhodes tickles, new-age flirtations, and an inherently blistering Balearic vibe. It sounds like how Miami pool parties look, or how cruising in a white Chrysler LeBaron convertible on a summer night feels. Inadvertently proving our point, Greeen Linez made a video for its smooth tune out of (shocker!) archived VHS footage, which you can check out after the jump. And if you're down with these kinds of slick sounds, make sure to look for the outfit's forthcoming five-track EP, which will be released on July 25 via Diskotopia.

Palm Coast Freeway

Palm Coast Freeway

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