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  • 08/03/2011

Tycho "Hours"

San Francisco's Scott Hansen is a man of many talents. Although he's arguably best known for the stunning design work he does under the name ISO50, he also produces stunning, slow-motion dance music as Tycho. According to Pitchfork, Hansen will be releasing a new Tycho album, Dive, on November 15. "Hours" is taken from the forthcoming full-length, and sounds like the aural equivalent of a sunset at the beach. Let's just say the above photo is incredibly appropriate for the overall vibe of the music. The song is just plain pretty, yet smartly avoids twee territory with its thick bassline and organic drum sounds. More like this one please. The artwork and complete tracklist for Dive is available after the jump.

1. A Walk
2. Hours
3. Daydream
4. Dive
5. Coastal Brake
6. Ascension
7. Melanine
8. Adrift
9. Epigram
10. Elegy

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