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Download: El Remolón "Estilo Acapulco (feat. Boogat)"

Label: ZZK

This new jam off of ZZK acolyte El Remolón's forthcoming EP, Pangeatico, kicks off sounding something like a Latin-flavored LCD Soundsystem; the thick bassline bounces slowly, funky synth stabs hop around the percussion elements, and a simple hi-hat-heavy beat carries the whole tune. But after the minute-long intro, guest vocalist Boogat's fiery Spanish vocal comes in, and it's made abundantly clear this is a tune straight from the Southern Hemisphere. Hopefully you can catch El Remolón playing this track on tour in North America—along with Tremor, Chancha via Circuito, and El G—after his Pangeatico is released July 20. 

Average: 8.1 (28 votes)

Download: Keepaway "100"

Label: Lefse

Here's a new track from Brooklyn's Keepaway, which is apparently coming out on a 7" sharing its title with this song. "100" starts out with some looped percussion rolls before being overtaken by bright synth melodies, simple bass work, sparse drumming, subtle guitar upstrokes, and heavily reverberated falsetto vocals, all of which make up most of the short song. The mix is extremely dense, especially for a three-piece band, but every sound works together well enough to simultaneously convey a sense of longing and jubilance—not unlike playing a game of keepaway itself. 

Average: 7.7 (24 votes)

Download: Shlohmo "Post Atmosphere (Baths Remix)"

Shlohmo's (pictured above) original version of "Post Atmosphere" is part of the hazily unhinged beat tunes on his debut release Shlomoshun Deluxe, but this remix comes from the producer's recent EP, Camping. Fellow California-based beat-making youngster Will Wiesenfeld (a.k.a. Baths) translated the tune into a heavily, um, atmospheric piano-led number full of bass rumblings and crunch. Along with the piano, you can make out the distant voice of Wiesenfeld cooing melodies into the expanse of the track—effectively transforming Shlohmo's head-knocking jam into a new version that is as patently poignant and melodic as Baths' original productions. 

Average: 8.3 (73 votes)

Download: Frankie Rose and the Outs "Little Brown Haired Girls"

Brooklyn's Frankie Rose has earned her lo-fi-pop cred spending time in bands Dum Dum Girls, Vivian Girls, and Crystal Stilts, but her new project, Frankie Rose and the Outs, puts the singer/songwriter at the helm of the dreamy garage-pop band. From the quartet's self-titled debut album for Slumberland, "Little Brown Haired Girls" is a jangly, rocking number that puts an emphasis on the steady drum beat, bright cymbal flourishes, and beautifully arranged vocal harmonies. It's an easily digestible piece of precious songwriting, which will undoubtedly be in abundance on the band's full-length album when it's released September 21. 

Average: 7 (12 votes)

Download: MED "Classic (feat. Talib Kweli)"

Apparently, this is from MED's forthcoming new album for Stones Throw, but no real details are available on that release. Regardless, "Classic" is a, um, classically soulful affair produced by Karriem Riggins, and full of softly plucked guitar melodies, ethereal vocal "ahs," and muffled orchestral arrangements. But the elements of the track's soft side are all balanced out by the crisp boom and bap of the slow-grooving hip-hop beat that really carries the song. Over it, both MED and Talib Kweli deliver even-handed flows that highlight their loves for tasteful lyricism and timeless instrumentals—both of which "Classic" has in spades. 

Average: 8 (27 votes)

Download: Magnetic Man "I Need Air (Redlight Remix)"

Label: Columbia

Taken from the official debut single by Skream, Benga, and Artwork's collaborative project, Magnetic Man (pictured above), Redlight's remix of "I Need Air" starts out mellow enough with a distant melody and catchy female-vocal hook, but soon erupts into steeply ascending and descending synth loops, ground-shaking rhythms, and loads of other bells and whistles. Thanks to the vocals and memorable melody, the track has a slight bit of pop appeal, though it's quickly traded in for rave-friendly club-tune-isms—making Redlight's interpretation a peak-hour pleaser through and through. 

Average: 6.1 (68 votes)

Download: To Rococo Rot "Fridays (Shackleton's West Green Rd Remix)"

First Listen
Label: Domino

Skull Disco co-conspirator Shackleton crafted this shuffling, dubby remix for veteran IDM trio To Rococo Rot's (pictured above) recently released Forwardness Fridays EP. The original track comes from the outfit's latest for Domino, Speculation, and actually closed out that record's 10 tracks. Shackleton's rework doesn't sound too far from the atmospheric vibes and pattering rhythms of To Rococo Rot's own production work, but regardless, there's a certain je ne sais quoi that exists within the clicking beats and thick bass melodies that is obviously his own. The eight-minute tune was released alongside the album version of "Forwardness" and a remix of that track by Traversable Wormhole, all of which you can get ahold of here

Average: 7.6 (34 votes)

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