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Download: SBTRKT "Wildfire"

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South London DJ/producer SBTRKT has finally announced that he will add a full-length album to his growing list of singles and EPs. The oft-reliable Young Turks imprint is slated to drop the artist's self-titled LP (pictured above), which is said to be "bursting with fresh ideas, and yet [sounding] immediately familiar," on June 28. Before then, we get a taste of that highly anticipated release with its inaugural single, "Wildfire." The bubbling, soulful tune features the sultry voice of Little Dragon frontwoman Yukimi Nagano, who transforms this track from just a deep and funky dancefloor burner into a next-level pop song surpassing just about anything you'll catch on the radio these days. Grab it here, and then check out the tracklist for SBTRKT, which also includes vocal contributions from Sampha, Jessie Ware, and others, after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Boddhi Satva "Who Am I (feat. Athenai & C. Robert Walker) (c2 Version Mix)"

Label: BBE

There are only a few situations where we'll post a track that features slam poetry-esque vocals so prominently in the mix, and a new Carl Craig (pictured above) remix is one of them. This chunk of Afro-centric deep house comes to us from the forthcoming mix CD Mad Styles and Crazy Visions 2, a session compiled by house veteran and Masters of Work alum Louie Vega. Beginning with a solitary chord stab and distant percussion, Craig methodically adds subtle elements as the empowering vocals of Boddhi Satva's original run their course from verse to chorus and back again. The track seems almost at a standstill for the first three minutes, never even approaching a climax until Craig begins to hint at what's to come with a tantalizing tambourine. Then the full drums hit with a giant kick and shuffling hi-hat pattern which, like most things from the Planet E label head, is impossible to resist. Mad Styles and Crazy Visions 2, a long overdue follow-up to Vega's first volume which appeared back in '98, is set to be released June 6. 

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Download: Vessel "Ton"

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Label: Left_Blank

Another artist in Bristol's fine crop of bass wranglers is producer Sebastian Gainsbrough (a.k.a. Vessel), who drops his first release via Throwing Snow's fresh imprint, Left_Blank. The Nylon Sunset EP is a four-track affair, boasting three forward-thinking jams and a remix of the title track by fellow Bristol basscase Peverelist. One of Vessel's original tracks is the angular "Ton," which we have for you here. The artist layers his finely crafted sounds with an ear that belies his short resume; a plethora of percussive elements skitter and fly from one ear to the other, synth and sample fragments work out sparse melodies, obscured field recordings fill in rhythmic gaps, and tastefully massive sub-bass tones swell underneath it all. We can only imagine what sounds the rest of Vessel's record will hold when it drops on May 23. 

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Download: Com Truise "Cathode Girls"

Label: Ghostly

With the release date of his debut LP, Galactic Melt, rapidly approaching, maverick producer Com Truise has leaked album cut "Cathode Girls" to whet our appetites. Maintaining consistency with his previous nostalgia-drenched output, "Cathode Girls" nevertheless reveals that, though Com Truise has a footing in the past, his aim is for the future. The track modulates between two distinct moods: the first, a noodly new-wave synthesizer jam; and the second, a laid-back and blunt-wrapped ode to '80s electro-soul. The song begins as a disorganized mess of limp analog synthesizer stabs but then slowly congeals around a chorused-out bassline cribbed off Peter Hook. Then, switching modes, a gritty Zapp & Roger synth-bass drops in with a Linndrum rhythm that wouldn't sound out of place being bumped from the trunk of a pimped-out '88 LeSabre. Download "Cathode Girls" below and pick up Galactic Melt on July 5. (via FADER

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Download: Divine Interface "Folklore"

Atlanta-based Drew Briggs (a.k.a. Divine Interface) is getting set to release his first EP, Color Ways, on June 13. "Folklore" is one of the EP's five offerings, and it's a slow, bouncy, house tune driven by a haunting, reverberated vocal. The song twists and turns as the beat drops into half-time while the vocal delays pan and swirl, making room for the found-sound percussion to pull the song through. We're hoping that the rest of this bass-fueled EP similarly showcases Briggs ability to manipulate samples, noise, and space.  

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Download: Circle Traps "Bo! Symbol (Subeena Remix)"

Label: Opit

London-based Opit Records recently released a self-titled, five-track EP from London-based duo Jack Wyllie and Duncan Bellamy (a.k.a. Circle Traps). Included in the EP is a remix from label owner and one-time Bubblin' artist Subeena (pictured above), who has cooked up her own version of the track "Bo! Symbol." It's a cavernous, techy rework laced with droning, metallic, washed-out percussion and fluttery horns that build into a soothing Rhodes-esque melody before dropping back into the dark atmosphere from which they began. Grab the remix below and check out the full release here

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Download: Grimes "Fragments of the Future"

Our burgeoning love affair with Montreal's Grimes continues to grow exponentially with this freshly unveiled, previously unheard track from the talented singer/producer. The shape-shifting dream-pop number premiered just yesterday as the opener of her mix for Altered Zones, which appropriately kicks things off with an ethereally ominous tone. Massive bass frequencies throb underneath airy harp plucks, shimmering piano melodies, and translucent vocal hooks on Grimes' "Fragments of the Future"—creating an unlikely palette of sound that's oddly infectious. Look for more of that kind of music on the artist's split release with fellow Canadian pop experimentalist d'Eon, Darkbloom, which you can check out here

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