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Download: Branches "Everything You've Ever Done Has Been Beautiful"

This heavenly slice of electro indie-pop comes to us from Vancouver-based producer Jonny Dylan Hughes (a.k.a. Branches). Throughout the instrumental affair, Hughes implements a bath of ethereal synths and arpeggios which is built upon using a seemingly endless supply of delicate melodies with interlocking rhythms that precisely play off each other. The first blown-out drum loop enters the procession just after the one minute marker, eventually disappearing only to pop up again in short spurts between a number of incredibly melody-washed breakdowns. In customary electro-pop fashion, the biggest burst of energy is saved for the track's climax, where giant, glitched kicks and snares fire at will as Hughes' melodies soar above, unscathed by the tumultuous sounds below. "Everything You've Ever Done Has Been Beautiful" can be found on Branches' new EP of the same name (artwork above), which is available for download from the project's Bandcamp

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Download: Lil Scrappy "Look At Me (Kaptain Cadillac Remix)"

We have to say, it's still a bit surprising that Dre Skull's Brooklyn-based Mixpak imprint released a record for one of Atlanta's earliest proponents of crunk, Lil Scrappy, even though "Look At Me" was produced by the label head himself. However, we're not at all surprised that the project came out sounding quite good, and it seems like the new EP of remixes for that single has completely followed in suit. Like this version by Kaptain Cadillac, the already maniacal southern rap jam is worked into more hyperactive territories where lofty BPMs rule the dancefloor and the MC's vocals are chopped into a neon flurry that perfectly match the glistening piano melodies. Though "Look At Me (Kaptain Cadillac Remix)" is actually not on the just-released Look At Me (Remixes) EP, Justin Martin's and Dâm-Funk's versions do the trick in its place, which you can hear yourself here

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Download: Cosmic Kids "Reginald's Groove (Juan Maclean Remix)"

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It's certainly been quite some time since we last heard from DFA's longstanding house revivalist Juan Maclean (save for his DJ-Kicks mix album), so it's quite reassuring to hear he's still got the knack for making vintage-inspired dancefloor burners. As this slick remix for Cosmic Kids' brand-new single for the Throne of Blood label, "Reginald's Groove" (pictured above), indicates, Maclean hasn't lost his penchant for pairing piano-driven disco-house with spacey electronics and deep basslines, and riding that wave of bouncy grooves for as long as he can. Even next to other remixes from relative newcomers Classixx and Bicep, the veteran producer sounds as fresh as ever. Let's hope we don't have to wait much longer to hear more of Maclean's excellent work. 

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Download: Shlohmo "Places (Yours Truly Remix)"

Just yesterday, an intimate video surfaced of San Francisco resident and rhythm experimentalist Shlohmo speaking to local videographers Yours Truly in and around his home. The wonderfully shot clip—which you can watch here or after the jump below—was also soundtracked by a fresh remix the producer made for one of his latest tunes, "Places." On this new version of the song, Shlohmo mixes his wavering vocal coos high above the jangly guitar strums, herky-jerky synth melodies, and molasses-slow beats, which all work towards giving it a more personal and oddly soulful vibe compared to its predecessor. Then things grow even more intense with distorted vocals, fuzzy atmosphere, and more percussive elements as "Places (Yours Truly Remix)" plays out, and we start to question which version of Shlohmo's song we enjoy more. It's probably a tie.  Read more » 

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Download: Co.Fee "Spark Plug"

The fourth release to come from Southern California's My Hollow Drum crew/label—which, incidentally, boasts the talented beatmaker and XLR8R fave Teebs as a member—is an eight-track LP by LA producer Co.Fee, called Easy Listening (pictured above). As you might have imagined, the record is anything but, which is evidenced here by the hyped-up "Spark Plug." The song is a bit grimy and distorted, a bit ramshackle, and, truth be told, a little harsh on the ears, but those rough aesthetics suit Co.Fee's brash drum-machine beats and overblown synth tones to a T. You can check out more of the young artist's sounds when his record drops on April 12. 

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Download: Brenmar "Be the One"

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If there's one thing NYC's Brenmar can do with the utmost style and grace, it's find a perfect vocal sample (usually from a choice vintage R&B cut, like, say, Shai's "If I Ever Fall in Love") and make it completely his own. Luckily, the DJ/producer also crafts excellent club sounds, and deftly pairs those punchy dance beats and skittering rhythmic noises with his expertly retooled vocal bits. "Be the One" bounces and booms with an enviable 808 drum pattern, and boasts no other melody outside of the quartet's sampled croons—giving Brenmar's track a strangely thuggish soul that we think suits today's dancefloors quite well. You can watch him try out more of those sounds at any of his upcoming tour dates, listed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: School of Seven Bells "Babelonia (Sepalcure Remix)"

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Something awesome is happening at Public Assembly in Brooklyn this Friday: The ambitious event planners behind Unsound Festival New York will host live performances by a lengthy list of excellent DJs and producers from around the globe—including Lone, Appleblim, Kink, Kode9, and, featured here, Sepalcure (pictured above). The duo of Praveen Sharma and Travis Stewart (a.k.a. Machinedrum) give School of Seven Bells' "Babelonia" a deep house rinse for their remix, one that relies as much on atmosphere and texture as it does overwhelming sub frequencies, upbeat dancefloor grooves, and subtly tweaked vocal melodies. We eagerly anticipate hearing more of those same kinds of smooth and bouyant sounds when Sepalcure takes the stage as part of Unsound on April 8. 

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