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Download: Red Royalty "El Toro"

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Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, techno newcomer Red Royalty will deliver the second outing on his own Second Voyage imprint with the three-track Spirit EP early next month. Appearing on the b-side of the forthcoming record is "El Toro," a six-plus-minute track built around a bouncing techno framework that serves as the platform from which Red Royalty unravels a dark and subtly tweaked synth sequence. Appearing just behind the production's lead line and its evolving layers of atmospheric tones are a flurry of buzzing synth melodies, which ultimately help give "El Toro" an extra sense of sonic playfulness, albeit one tucked underneath the production's austere techno finish. After grabbing "El Toro" below, a promo video for Red Royalty's debut Spirit EP can be watched after the jump; the record officially lands on December 1.  Read more » 

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Download: PVNV "Intrasolaar"

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Label: Taapion

The upcoming third effort from freshly launched French imprint Taapion will be the four-track Consortium EP from label head PVNV. One of two original tracks set to appear on the record (alongside remixes from Shlømo and Sterac) is "Intrasolaar," an icy techno production which drapes dense, foggy pads and a metallic bell melody atop a deeply focused rhythmic framework. An extremely detailed production which intently digs beneath its atmospheric layers across the tune's seven-minute run, PVNV's "Intrasolaar" production can be grabbed for free below, while the rest of the Parisian artist's forthcoming Consortium EP (out on November 17) can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Yard One "Equinox"

Label: Tact

Earlier this month, budding producers Yard One and Adventures in Daydreams teamed up for the split Apportion EP, which saw its release via the Tact label. Pulled from that outing is "Equinox," a spiraling endeavor which laces a thick procession of textured, club-ready drums with an innumerable amount of snaking synth sequences and swelling chords. Spanning over seven-minutes, "Equinox" is a patient production, one which takes its time to explore evolving combinations of the track's sun-touched elements, consistently anchored by the warm chords with which the production began its run. Yard One's "Equinox" track can be grabbed below, while the rest of the collaborative Apportion EP can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Toby Gale "3 Up (Maxo Cuttermix)"

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Label: Activia Benz

In a few short days, Slugabed's Activia Benz label will drop The Good of the Night EP, a six-track effort from London producer Toby Gale. Included on the record is this remix from PC Music affiliate Maxo, whose rework of "3 Up" adds quite a bit of sonic activity to the track. Originally a somewhat mellow affair—one flushed with thick chords and jazzy piano—Maxo infuses "3 Up" with a bevy of twists and turns, miniature sound bites, fast-morphing melodies, and even a touch of G-funk, ultimately reshaping Gale's beat into an enjoyably unpredictable endeavor. Both Maxo's remix and the original "3 Up" will be joined by four other Toby Gale productions when the UK artist's The Good of the Night EP sees its official release on November 10. 

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Download: Junes "Obicham"

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Lined up for release later this month is Root Pattern, a three-track EP which will mark the fifth release from the fledgling Galdoors label. At the helm of the upcoming effort is label co-founder Junes, who has here offered EP bonus cut "Obicham" to give us a taste of his capabilities. A somewhat wandering effort, Junes builds "Obicham" piece be piece, first stacking up rhythms before looped bell sequences begin to seep in from the track's edges. Eventually, a few angelic vocal snippets, elongated strings, and a deep bassline join the procession as the hypnotic house production gradually picks up stream across its seven-minute run. Junes' "Obicham" bonus cut can be grabbed below, while snippets of his forthcoming Root Pattern EP (out on November 24) can be streamed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Julian Earle "The Boy"

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Julian Earle is a young (we're told he's a mere 17 years of age) Stateside producer who is in the process of putting together a debut release for Parisian label Ventura. Before then, Earle has decided to issue "The Boy," his first official production, as a free download. Spanning just under four minutes, the tune is a blissful endeavor, one which wraps thick layers of sweeping chords around its base as heavenly textures ring out atop the track's garage-indebted beat. While we await more details to come on the young producer's debut release, Julian Earle's initial offering, "The Boy," can be grabbed below. 

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Download: Kuage "Break Osaka"

"Break Osaka" serves as the b-side to French pair Kuage's recently released A Part of You EP. Lined with a touch of tropical textures and dub underpinnings, "Break Osaka" lands on the more delicate side of techno, its focus placed on detailed sound structures and generously manipulated layers of percussion which ride atop the track's full-bodied low-end. Released at the tail-end of last month, the a-side effort from Kuage's recent EP for the Combien Mille label can be streamed in full after the jump.  Read more » 

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