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  • 01/04/2012

Larry Gus "The Written Word"

The Sacramento-based Waaga label is starting the year off right by delivering 24 Beats, a free record from Greek producer Larry Gus (a.k.a. Panagiotis Melidis). As all of Melidis' biographical information appears to be in Greek, and XLR8R's in-house Greek-to-English translator is still out for the holiday vacation, we know very little about the artist other than that he is currently based in Milan, Italy, and that he appears as a remixer on Yacht's recent DFA single, "I Walked Alone." "The Written Word" is a short and pretty piece of instrumental hip-hop punctuated by some oddly sweet pitched vocal snippets. The song is taken from the expansive 24 Beats, which can be downloaded in its entirety on Waaga's Facebook page for the price of a simple "like."

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