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Download: Downliners Sekt "Eiger Dreams (The Wanderer Reconstruction)"

Label: InFiné

From the looks of it, The Wanderer is a young producer in the early stages of building his catalog up. To that effect, his latest effort is a remix of Barcelona duo Downliners Sekt's "Eiger Dreams," which appears alongside other reworks from patten, Blondes, Chevel and others on a new remix EP for the InFiné label (for the record, we posted Blondes' contribution last month). Appearing in its original form on Downliners Sekt's Silent Ascent LP, "Eiger Dreams" is a particularly dense and winding affair—two traits which The Wanderer only further develops on his remix, adding even more layers of sonic abstraction and warm-blooded grit to the track's ominously disjointed run. 

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Download: Emufucka "Reflection"

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Label: Fremdtunes

If Tokyo-based producer Emufucka is one thing, it's unpredictable. The RBMA graduate seems capable of forging beats in any number of shapes and sizes, whether its boisterous dancefloor workouts, futuristic boom-bap, more stoney hip-hop fare, or—in the case of "Reflection"—somewhere between all of that. Pulled from Emufucka's forthcoming Island EP for Fremdtunes, the track features its share of skittering drums, on top of which appear a smattering of harp-like melodic runs, twisted vocal samples, and a any number of liquified synth chords. The result is pleasantly hard to classify, as we imagine much of Emufucka's Island EP will prove to be when it drops on October 20. For those interested in hearing where else the adventurous producer plans to head on his forthcoming release, Emufucka's latest EP can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Wolfey "Bittersweet"

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The last time we heard from Wolfey, the Vancouver-based producer was about to issue a meditative self-titled EP for the Hybridity imprint. Now, the burgeoning artist is set to reemerge with a new EP for Montreal's ASL Singles Club label, an outpost which has quietly assembled a noteworthy catalog with releases already this year from Prison Garde, Heartbeat(s), and Sleepyhead. Wolfey's five-track Habit EP will soon bring a handful of raw house cuts to the fold, all of which are said to have been "recorded using a few pieces of hardware in live continuous takes." One such effort is "Bittersweet," Habit's closing cut which again finds Wolfey dealing with meditative vibes while utilizing a more hardware-rooted sound than what we'd previously heard from the Canadian producer. Before Wolfey's new outing for ASL Singles Club lands on November 18, his recent mix for the label's mix series is also available to stream and download after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Repeat Pattern "Half of Half (Submerse Remix)"

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Though this year has seen much of Submerse's focus placed on his own original productions (the UK artist issued his debut LP, Slow Waves, via Project: Mooncircle back in July), the recent XLR8R podcast contributor has clearly not lost any of his abilities as a remixer in the process. Here, Submerse is tasked with reworking former US, now Japan-based beatmaker Repeat Pattern's "Half of Half," a track which originally appeared on his Counting Backwards EP for Tokyo's Moph label. As to be expected, in Submerse's hands the tune is shaped into a hazy mass of textured hip-hop, one lined with sparkling bell samples and kept steady by a spare-but-effective series of deep kicks, sharp snares, and detailed bits of percussion. 

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Download: Brogan Bentley "Smoke"

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San Francisco-based producer Brogan Bentley is set to return to Matthewdavid's Leaving label with his debut LP, The Snake, next month. Plucked from the forthcoming 12-track effort is "Smoke," an astutely named beat which wraps smokey string chords around a slightly stuttered pattern of hats and snares, to which the occasional footwork-like fill of tuned kicks and rapid rim shots are added. Before Bentley's The Snake LP—which, according to the artist himself, is said to be "a sonic documentation of coming into new skin, living in it, and shedding it"—drops on November 11, vocal-led and equally smokey LP cut "The Difference" is also available to stream after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Loom "RGB"

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Next month, London's grime-focused Gobstopper label (run by Mr. Mitch, who recently announced his forthcoming debut LP for Planet Mu) will issue the debut release from Daniel Timms (a.k.a. Loom). Loom's forthcoming Grade EP is said to find the London beatmaker presenting four tracks marked by "drums [that] whip and crack over an eery tapestry of low-end, unsettling pads, and obtuse melodies." As a preview of sorts, Timms has sent along EP bonus cut "RGB," a track that fits well within his record's description, with its neon-soaked synths cut by sharp drum programming and (for brief moments) occasionally dipping into more ominous atmospheres. Loom's forthcoming Grade EP can be previewed after the jump before it lands on November 7.  Read more » 

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Download: Premiesku "Despre Ei"

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Label: Apollonia

"Despre Ei" is the kind of track that is good at taking its time. Serving as the closing effort on Romanian trio Premiesku's More 4 EP, the seven-plus-minute production is anchored by a slippery bass pattern which hypnotically cycles through its one-bar loop as the rest of the track's rhythmic elements dig deeper and deeper. Over the course of the production, Premiesku methodically pieces together thick hats and sharp percussion, on top of which the trio places dubby chords, distant field recordings, detailed layers of electronic glitches, and even a few glimpses of what sounds like a large choir (bathed in reverb, of course). When it all comes together, it's hard not to get sucked down into the production's dense, chugging path. "Despre Ei" and the rest of Premiesku's three-track More 4 EP will see a full release later this month via the Apollonia label. 

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