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Download: Actress "Git It"

Once we got the tip over on FACT that Actress was hooking up the web with a free track, we were happy to help spread the good word about producer Darren Cunningham's latest innovative tunes. Truthfully, we though it would be a bit more of the slow-burning, subtly nuanced electronics that we've come to expect from Actress, but "Git It" is something entirely different—it's as close to club music as Cunningham is likely to get. A strong IDM vibe runs through the hurried clicks, disjointed thumps, and hypnotic melodies of the tune, which appropriately kicks off with a vocal stating, "This one's for the ladies." And while we wouldn't mind "Git It" kickstarting a new direction for Actress, the MP3 was initially tagged with "HAZYVILLE LP" in the "Album" section, so this is likely a cut that didn't make the cut on his 2008 debut. We're glad to hear it, anyway. 

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Download: Roots Manuva and Wrong Tom "Butterfly Crab Walk (feat. Riddla)"

Label: Big Dada

Veteran MC Roots Manuva is set to unleash his seventh album of dubby hip-hop gems next month via his decade-plus home, Big Dada, and we've got its opening track right here. "Butterfly Crab Walk (feat. Riddla)" ushers you into Duppy Writer with some strong irie vibes; low-slung bass plucks, a simple drum pattern, stabbing organ melodies, and Manuva's trademark rasp—occasionally fed through a healthy bit of delay—all offer a good-natured and welcoming start to this long-awaited record. It's easy to hear that producer Wrong Tom, who shares the artist credit with Manuva, is sticking to his, um, roots on the instrumentation for Duppy, which is ideal seeing as how most of the upcoming record is a series of re-works from Manuva's back catalog. Duppy Writer comes out September 21. 

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Download: Pollyn "Shake it Off (James Pants Remix)"

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Label: Music!

No, this isn't Mariah Carey's Shake it Off, but Pollyn's tune by the same name certainly carries the same sentiment put forth by the pop diva; don't let the bad times get you down. James Pants takes the idea to heart with this revelrous remix taken from the LA-based band's fourth and final remix EP, Shake Out the Other Way. Huge drum beats, uproarious horn stabs, thick synth melodies, and loads of busy percussion all contribute to the hyperactive vibe on Pants' driving production, which could just as easily find its way into a Broadway musical soundtrack as it could motivate you to get your sad self off the couch and out of those sweatpants. You can find more hotly tipped treatments of tracks off Pollyn's debut album, This Little Night, from Nosaj Thing, Exile, and Them Jeans when the Shake EP is released on August 31. 

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Download: Simian Mobile Disco "Nerve Salad (Edit)"

We're glad to hear James Ford and Jas Shaw are ditching the vocal-pop inclinations showcased on their most recent record for the kind of depraved, mechanical churning that made parts of Simian Mobile Disco's debut, Attack Decay Sustain Release, so insidiously catchy. As the title for "Nerve Salad" might insinuate, SMD's new single sounds something like the random firing of impulses resonating from within a robot programmed to kill (or at least maim). Barren clicks, bleeps, and bloops surround the consistent chug of the song's meticulously rhythms. "Salad" rises and falls in intensity without ever reaching a boiling point, but will likely stand as a bit of downtime when heard within the context of SMD's inaugural mix album for a new series curated by NYC jump-off Fixed. Simian Mobile Disco is Fixed comes out October 12. 

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Download: Disclosure "Linstigator"

Looking back, 2010 might wind up being thought of as the year dubstep got in touch with its feelings. Or perhaps it will just be the year that everyone remembered that the last Burial album was really amazing even though it didn't have any skull-crushing basslines with all the subtlety of a chainsaw. Come to think of it, brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence are so young—15 and 18, respectively—that who knows if they were even listening to dubstep when that Burial record came out in 2007. Well, if the boys, who produce together under the name Disclosure, continue making soulful tracks like "Linstigator," no one is really going to care what tunes they were rocking three years ago. The song's 2-step percussion, soft synths, and melancholy vocal snippets are wise beyond the brothers' years, and have us excited to hear the duo's debut 7", "Offline Dexterity"/"Street Light Chronicle," which is slated for release in early September. (via Pitchfork

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Download: Chromeo "Don't Turn the Lights On (Aeroplane Remix)"

Label: Atlantic/Vice

We recently posted the video for Chromeo's latest single, "Don't Turn the Lights On," and while the eye-popping (literally) clip struck us as a little creepy, this Aeroplane remix of the song might be best described as a little sleazy, as the Belgian producer takes the original version's Hall-and-Oates-esque synth-funk and stretches it out over a bouncing disco beat. It's the kind of music one would expect to hear in an episode of Miami Vice when Crockett & Tubbs have to bust some dealers at a nightclub. (That's a good thing, in case you're wondering.) Aeroplane's debut album, We Can't Fly, will be released in September, and in the meantime, he's put together a free DJ mix for public consumption. As for Chromeo, the duo's forthcoming full-length, Business Casual, will also see the light of day in September, but you can pre-order the album here

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Download: How to Dress Well "Take It On"

Exactly when did every hipster in the world figure out that R&B was cool? We're not complaining about the music being turned out by people like Tom Krell (a.k.a. How to Dress Well), but it is kind of funny to see every kid with an asymmetrical haircut and cutoffs lose their shit over this the same way they would if The Arcade Fire and The xx teamed up to make an album of Arthur Russell covers. On a serious note, "Take It On" is a blissfully ghostly slice of R&B, which almost sounds like a lo-fi take on a Sade track. It's taken from a 7" single that's dropping this month, but Krell's debut full-length album, Love Remains, will be released September 21 on the Lefse label. (via FADER

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