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Download: Para One "Toadstool (LOL Boys Remix)"

Label: Scion A/V

If you've been keeping up with our unending string of downloadable tunes, or if you read our actual magazine, you may have noticed our bubblin' interest in the bass-laden, tropically flavored dance beats coming from Californian/Canadian production duo LOL Boys. Since the duo is only getting started (Jerome Potter and Markus Garcia have yet to release their first official EP), we're chomping at the bit to snag whatever the Boys have put their name to. The rubbery rhythms, chopped-up vocal melody, and thick washes of bass frequencies on this remix of Para One's playful "Toadstool," from Scion A/V's latest compilation with French label Sound Pellegrino, Straight From the Spring (pictured above), go pretty far towards satiating our LOL needs. And make sure to snag the rest of the EP, with jams from Harvard Bass, Mamma's Boy, Gucci Vump, and more, here

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Download: Santiago Salazar "Jamilia's Theme"

Underground Resistance affiliate and all-around musical busybody Santiago Salazar delivered this one-off track to Little White Earbuds as a WAV file just last Friday, and we got into to it so much that we thought a nicely sized 320kbps MP3 would look mighty fine right here on the XLR8R website. His mellow filter-house tune, "Jamilia's Theme," brings to mind similar lounge-y electronic producers but with the 'muzak' vibes turned down and the melodies' soul cranked up. Seeing as how Salazar usually signs his tunes to any number of high-quality labels, we count ourselves lucky to get such a great track free of cost. 

Average: 7.7 (21 votes)

Download: Brackles "Blo"

Blunted Robots cohort and bass music patron Brackles is a month from releasing his first mix album, which also happens to be the inaugural volume of the new !K7/Cool in Pool series, Songs for Endless Cities. For the new mix, the DJ/producer crafted this exclusive track to mesh into his upbeat blend of UK funky, future-garage, and other next-level productions. "Blo" is a smooth, even-keeled number that flexes a patently shuffling house beat, some tastefully energetic synth tones, bits of soulful vocal sampling, and one hell of a bubbling bassline. If this brand-new production from Brackles is a sign of what to expect on his forthcoming mix, we're pretty sure we've got our summer's party music sorted. (via FACT

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Download: Global Warning "071110"

First Listen

Greg Zifcak (one half of rave-ready weirdos Eats Tapes) and Andre Ferreria (a.k.a. Bobby Browser) are the Bay Area's Global Warning, the latest addition to a budding crop of hardware-rocking, old-school-obsessed production outfits hell bent on filling our dance parties with the sounds of Roland's finest vintage gear. The unstoppable house rhythms and undulating bass melodies of Warning's "071110" are lifted off a compilation entitled Pacific Housing Authority, a DIY release which serves as a sort of introduction for this crew of producers from up and down the West Coast. XLR8R faves like The Miracles Club and C.L.A.W.S. are included in the bunch, along with fresh faces Finesse and Prints, among others. You can stream the entire compilation here, but if you want a physical copy, you'll have to catch the Authority on tour through August. 

Average: 7.3 (40 votes)

Download: Andreya Triana "Lost Where I Belong (Flying Lotus Remix)"

First Listen
Label: Ninja Tune

Seeing as how the silken-voiced Andreya Triana got her first taste of widespread exposure lending her sultry croon to Flying Lotus' "Tea Leaf Dancers," from the Reset EP, it makes perfect sense that this remix of her brand-new single, "Lost Where I Belong," sounds like it was ripped straight from FlyLo's own discography. The warm, glittering tune even starts midway through a thick melody, like producer Steven Ellison had placed it within one of his interconnected, shapeshifting opuses, and the busy basslines, orchestral arrangements, and shuffling beat work are pure Cosmogramma. But as the bulk of the instrumental drifts away, it's apparent that Triana's wounded psalm inspired Ellison's brilliant production, as he leaves her voice and some subtle harp flourishes to finish the song alone. 

Average: 8.4 (155 votes)

Download: Dâm-Funk "A(nother) Day at the Carnival (Sahy Uhns' Cosmic Songbird Remix)"

Label: Proximal

Earlier this month, we were pretty stoked to catch a completely new (and mastered this time) jam from the prolific Dâm-Funk (he just delivered this sweet modern funk mix, too—seriously, does he ever stop?), "A Day at the Carnival," and now we're being treated to a remix of the upbeat instrumental from Proximal co-conspirator Sahy Uhns (pictured above). The young beatsmith transformed Dâm's retro-minded boogie tune into something a bit more late-'00s, full of crunchy, crackling textures in the stereo peripherals, some Ableton-plug-in wizardry, and slow-grooving hip-hop beats that scream beat scene. You can snag more like-minded tunes from Sahy Uhns and his Proximal cohorts on the Proximity One: Narrative of a City compilation, which is out now. (via FADER

Average: 7.9 (45 votes)

Download: Ikons "Honey (Coyote Remix)"

Label: Service

Mix one part new wave, one part krautrock, one part post-punk, and one part Lower East Side psychedelia and you'll get Swedish septet Ikons. Mix one part Balearic disco, one part analog-synth wizardry, and one part epic space journey and you'll get this remix of Ikons' track "Honey," by UK production duo Coyote. Timm Sure and Amp, the fellas behind the Is it Balearic? imprint and mixes for Cool in the Pool, seem to ditch almost everything but Ikons' vocal track, which is merely a baritone utterance of the song's title. The focus of the original "Honey"—its bouncing drum beat, its monotonous bassline, and its driving guitar riff—is nowhere to be heard, and Coyote takes the opportunity to push the song's meandering synth tones up to the front alongside a pulsing disco-house rhythm and bass melody. 

Average: 8.1 (23 votes)

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