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Download: Leech "I Can't Kick This Feelin' (Moodymann Cover)"

Ecstasy, a blog ran by Honey Owens and her Miracles Club cohorts, just posted this cover of Moodymann's "I Can't Kick This Feelin When it Hits" by blog contributor Leech. The producer was inspired to do his own take on the track after checking out a reggae cover of the song Moodymann's original was built from, Chic's "I Want Your Love." Leech's cover of the expansive old-school techno track is a dubby affair, as it borrows its samples from that reggae version of "I Want Your Love," but stays true to the original's deep grooves, funky bass work, and slow-burning dancefloor vibe. 

Average: 7.9 (42 votes)

Download: E.Super "Embedded in Me"

E.Super have previously crafted beats backing the likes of Busdriver, Nocando, and Oh No, but now the production crew is poised to drop its own style into the massive pool of SoCal's beat scene. If this track off the group's forthcoming Side A EP is any indication, that style includes a bit of Daft Punk's vocoder-heavy pop sensibilities, lots of guitars, plenty of sparkling synths, and a breakbeat that just won't quit. "Embedded in Me" isn't quite what you'd expect to hear behind the lyrical prowess of someone like Busdriver, but it's sure to find some fans if they're looking for a carefree dance tune with a vocal hook that'll be stuck in your head for days. The Side A EP is out July 6. 

Average: 8.4 (65 votes)

Download: Blessure Grave "Stranger in the House (Hours of Worship Remix) "

Label: Mishka

San Diego's Blessure Grave (pictured above) is, essentially, a duo not much different from shadowy synth-toting acts like, say, Cold Cave, except its music sounds as if it was written and recorded in an actual cave. Hours of Worship is a production duo based in NY that makes music that sounds like it emanates from a different kind of hole—a K-hole, to be specific. (Cue rimshot.) The two entities paired up on this remix, and surprisingly, Hours of Worship's rework of the barren darkwave song, "Stranger in the House," is sort of pretty, albeit in an overtly "goth" way. Singer T. Grave's baritone is set amongst hypnotically jangling samples, ominous synth tones, and a pulsing dance beat, and comes and goes as it pleases while the other elements churn out six-plus minutes of entrancing rhythms and melodies. And yet despite the efforts to remain sullen and reserved, the track has an underlying hopefulness to it, and could just as easily power dancefloors belonging to either of the artists involved. (via Chronic Youth

Average: 7.2 (22 votes)

Download: The Books "A Cold Freezin' Night"

This latest number to drip off the long-awaited new album from NY sample aficionados The Books seems to be an exact counter response to the first taste from The Way Out, "Beautiful People." That track is something like a soothing-but-upbeat love song written for mathematics, but "A Cold Freezin' Night" is a bit more like a pre-pubescent reenactment of the intro to Wu-Tang's "Method Man" set to an unheard Residents or Primus track. It's a darkly playful song that simultaneously showcases The Books' funky and humorous sides, and effectively proves the duo is anything but a one-trick pony. (via FADER

Average: 7.5 (37 votes)

Download: Hanuman "Bola (Norrit Remix)"

Label: Sleazetone

Following the last remix we posted of Hanuman's "Bola," hyperactive tunesmith Norrit (pictured above) shared the crack he took at the bass-loaded number. The club-minded producer drops all kinds of reverberated percussion, chopped vocal samples, and light-footed synth melodies on top of the wobbling bass rhythms before pairing it all with a straightforward house beat. We won't try to pick favorites between Norrit's version and the previous remix from Star Eyes; each version we've heard of Hanuman's track is a beast equally choice in its own ways. 

Average: 6.7 (29 votes)

Download: HEALTH "Die Slow (Nite Jewel Remix)"

When we asked Nite Jewel (pictured above) and fellow LA synth-maestro Dâm-Funk to get together and collaborate on a song, their pairing made perfect sense. However, Nite Jewel joining the twinkling synth tones and poignant melodies of her own style with HEALTH's barren noise-rock soundscapes seems less likely to flourish, and yet here we are. A surprisingly upbeat, though perfectly somber, instrumental was written by Ramona Gonzalez as the backdrop for HEALTH's translucent vocal track. The two elements work together ideally, both in the quietly bubbling intro and the song's more buoyant second half. Which leads us to ask, Nite Health, anyone? (via FADER

Average: 7.4 (26 votes)

Download: Pink Priest "Tell Me Something Awesome Before I Go to Sleep (Balam Acab Remix)"

Recently featured Bubblin' artist Balam Acab (pictured above) is a little less than two months from dropping his debut EP, See Birds, on the brand-new, 20 Jazz Funk Greats-affiliated Tri Angle label. Before we start going ga-ga over the shadowy tunes to be heard on that release, we're going to get lost in the hypnotic textures of producer Alec Koone's remix of this Pink Priest track, "Tell Me Something Awesome Before I Go to Sleep." Slowly, Acab's remix grows in intensity—if you can call it that—with synth and vocal loops climbing up to the forefront, but quickly dissipating soon after. It's reminiscent of the trademark interludes scattered throughout Boards of Canada's albums, but presented instead as a fully realized song and not the middle-place between tracks. The See Birds EP is out on 12" and digital formats August 16. 

Average: 8.1 (23 votes)

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