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Download: Busdriver "Me-Time (With The Pulmonary Palimpsets)"

Label: anti-

You wouldn't necessarily think Mozart's “Sonata in A Major” and rapping in double-time would make good bedfellows. Busdriver proves us wrong with this track—off his forthcoming eighth studio album, Jhelli Beam—in which he turns the classical masterpiece on its head and throws a fat bassline underneath. Jhelli Beam is out June 9.  

Average: 7.5 (60 votes)

Download: Damian Lazarus "Dr Whisker's Theme"

Crosstown Rebels founder Damian Lazarus might be one of the rulers of the underground dance world, but this track showcases a calmer side of the L.A.-based DJ/producer. The unreleased track should tide us over until Lazarus' next full-length, Smoke the Monster Out, is released on May 4.


Average: 7.1 (31 votes)

Download: Shout Out Out Out Out "Bad Choices"

Edmonton, Canada might call to mind images of cold snowdrifts and remote northern mountains, but the music of Shout Out Out Out Out—who happen to hail from that place—sounds fit for the clubs in Miami. This track, off the bands forthcoming Reintegration Time release, is a warm, danceable number drenched in synths and heavy on the rhythm section. Reintegration Time is out now. 

Average: 7.6 (64 votes)

Download: Hey Today "If I Was a Wonderman (Radio Edit)"

Label: Bang Gang

Somewhere between the synth-tastic times of the '80s and today's contemporary dancefloor lies Hamburg-based duo Hey Today's Wonderman EP. The two get down to some serious knob-twiddling on this number, a bass-heavy bonus version of the release's title track. Wonderman is out May 13. Photo by Sebastian Heise. 

Average: 7.5 (47 votes)

Download: Nadja "Only Shallow"

Label: The End

Toronto-based ambient/shoegaze outfit Nadja's new album, When I See the Sun Always Shines on TV is out today, and the duo has leaked this track in support/celebration of the release. When asked why the duo chose to perform a My Bloody Valentine song on the album, vocalist Aidan Baker merely says, "Everyone compares us to My Bloody Valentine, so we had to cover them."


Average: 6.5 (17 votes)

Download: Ape School "Wail to God"

Label: Counter

After finding a prized Moog Modular in the Philadelphia school where he taught music technology, Michael Johnson began making the music that would eventually become that of his Ape School guise. His self-titled debut album is an experimental pop offering of riffing guitars, fuzzy feedback, carefully tweaked electronics, and, of course, a few good old-fashioned Moog synth sounds. Ape School is out now. 


Average: 6.9 (35 votes)

Download: Miss Kittin & The Hacker "Electronic City"

Miss Kittin and frequent sidekick The Hacker are back with a new full-length, TWO, and have leaked this track in anticipation of the album's release. The title says it all. "Electronic City" is a solid offering of minimal, rather robotic techno with just a hint of melody to offset the post-apocalyptic synthesizers. TWO is out May 19. Photo by Vincent Flouret.


Average: 6.8 (37 votes)

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