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Download: Valet "Kehaar"

Label: kranky.

Naked Acid is the second full-length from Portland-based pysch-nymph Honey Owens, who makes music under the name Valet. The album was pieced together over a five-month period in 2006 and takes its inspiration from, among other things, “Haitian Voodoo drumming, various shamanic dreamtime musics, and the Velvet Underground," Owens said in a press release. It was recorded in mostly single, live takes, with only some sparse additional tracking. On “Kehaar,” the first single, a few reverberated guitar chords outline a stark musical landscape across which a voice fit for a choir meanders alongside. Owens’ drawn out notes are hauntingly beautiful– sometimes high-pitched and angelic, sometimes atonal and eerie. Find your inner shaman with this ethereal track. Lulu McAllister  


Average: 6.9 (15 votes)

Download: Pop Levi "Never Never Love"

Label: Counter

Given that he's ex-bassist of Ladytron, the electroclash dark horse of Europe, it's surprising that Pop Levi would come up with an effervescent album about falling in love. "Never Never Love," off of his second full-length of the same name, opens with a Missy Elliot-style beat that bumps right into Levi's electrified falsetto vocal staccatos. His light lyrics ("Never never love love love, never never love love love") bounce teasingly through a sweet melody peppered with hand-claps, bubbles, and edgy rock guitars. Flamboyant and fun—it's enough to make a Wham! album jealous. Lulu McAllister 

Average: 7.5 (24 votes)

Download: Dave P and Adam Sparkles "Hoovers Apprentice (Radio Edit)"

Dave P and Adam Sparkles are perhaps

Average: 7.7 (28 votes)

Download: lone "Interview at Honolulu"

Label: Dealmaker

In the rightfully named “Interview at Honolulu,” listeners are swept away to a soothing island paradise with lone's dreamy music. The soaring, atmospheric tones and deliberately placed, synths are evocative of acts likes of Boards of Canada, while the hazy, syncopated beats and forward-thinking analog feel suggests the sounds of Flying Lotus. On his recent Dealmaker Records release, Lumurian, lone causes your mind to wander off to a pleasurable place while dropping dense, hip-hop beats, appealing to both spacey idealists and head-nodders. 

Average: 7.8 (63 votes)

Download: Lindstrøm "The Long Way Home (Prins Thomas Edit)"

Two of Balearic disco's undisputed greats

Average: 7.3 (35 votes)

Download: Pets On Prozac "Aso Bosa"

Label: New Judas

Pets on Prozac may hail from the bleak and freezing Scandinavia (from Finland, to be exact), but they aren't doling out melancholy downers via abstract compositions or dark techno. Rather, the duo works with upbeat, house-influenced dance tracks that would suit the Discobelle crowd–and they sound as though they've had a blast making them. Much laptop-generated mayhem occurs on this number, which Pets describe as "tropical-house-meets-gypsy-tech." Fans of this track should also check the Ruff Ruffian EP, just released today. 

Average: 7.1 (30 votes)

Download: Poni Hoax "Antibodies"

Label: Tigersushi

As usual, Poni Hoax is all over the musical map on its second full-length, the Joakim-produced Images of Sigrid. Part disco, part new wave, very electronic, and with its fair share of guitar riffage, the album slides from one musical style to another with grand transitions that tend to include lots of cymbal crashes. Best place to start is with the anthemic "Antibodies," which, according to the album’s press kit, sounds a bit like Nick Cave and Giorgio Moroder. Wrap your heads around that while hitting the download button. Photo by Maria Ziegelbock. 

Average: 7.3 (96 votes)

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