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Download: Fol Chen "The Believers" (Clifford Lidell Remix)"

Recent Asthmatic Kitty signees Fol Chen will release their debut album on February 17, but the Highland Park, CA-based band are already unveiling bits and pieces of the album. The style of the music on their self-titled release is hard to pinpoint, with tracks including disparate rhythms, wobbly vocals, and chaotic horn sections all in the span of a few seconds, but one thing this number proves is that Fol Chen lends itself well to the remixes. Fol Chen 01 The Believers 02 No Wedding Cake 03 You and Your Sister in Jericho 04 The Idiot 05 Red Skies Over Garden City (The Ballad of Donna Donna) 06 Winter, That's All 07 Cable TV 08 Please, John, You're Killing Me 09 The Longer U Wait (Version) 10 If Tuesday Comes  

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Download: Paco Osuna "Mindacid"

Though he's yet to unveil a proper artist album, Paco Osuna has plenty of minimal techno for us to enjoy, including remixes for Richie Hawtin, the Orbeat EP, and tracks like this one. If you can't translate the extensive biography on his MySpace page that's written entirely in Spanish (or if you're too lazy to bother), we've done the biographical legwork for you over in our Artist To Watch feature. 

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Download: Salem "When U Sleep"

Label: Merok

Salem recently dropped the Water EP on Merok Records, and the Michigan-based trio had its drum machine close at hand for the release. Irregular rhythms made by numerous percussion sounds dominate the EP, which marks the trio's U.K. debut. Of course it wouldn't be a Salem track without some haunting, incomprehensible vocals and a ghostly string section, both of which the band provides on this track. 

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Download: Faunts "Feel.Love.Thinking.Of."

Two albums, a debut U.S. tour, and one remix release later, Faunts are ready to unleash yet-more gorgeous indie rock upon us. The Canadian five-piece outfit will release its latest full-length, Feel.Love.Thinking.Of. on February 17 on its longtime home at Friendly Fire Recordings. As with previous releases, the new album finds the boys mixing gauzy guitars with electronic loops and singing about love. Here's the title track off the album. Feel.Love.Thinking.Of. 01 Feel.Love.Thinking.Of. 02 Input 03 It Hurts Me all the Time 04 Out on a Limb 05 Lights are Always On 06 Das Malefitz 07 I Think I'll Start a Fire 08 Alarmed/Lights 09 So Far Away 10 Explain 

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Download: Wavves "So Bored"

Label: De Stijl

Nathan Daniel Williams sings about being bored so emphatically here that we're inclined to believe the 22-year-old musician behind Wavves is experiencing one hell of a trip through inertia. And there are plenty more of his static-drenched, DIY beach-punk songs to be had. "So Bored" arrives fresh off Williams' second album, a self-titled one, save for the extra "v" in the title (which is apparently intentional), which will be released on February 3 of next year. Bloggers and sites are watching Williams closely, so next year should keep him well away from the boredom he laments over here. Wavvves 01 Rainbow Everywhere 02 Sun Opens My Eyes 03 Get in the Sun 04 Jetplane (Staying on A ) 05 No Hope Kids 06 More Fur 07 So Bored 08 Summer Goth 09 Surf Goth 10 Goth Girls 11 Ghost Ramp 12 Killr Punx 13 Scary Demons 


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Download: Lost Valentinos "The Bismarck (Canyons Remix)"

Label: Bang Gang

Despite apparent copyright issues over their name, Sydney's wacky foursome, The Lost Valentinos, have soldiered on and recently dropped a new 12", "The Bismark" on Bang Gang, thusly proving that a snafu over trademark agreements isn't going to keep them down. As singles go, they did this one up proper, with an original–and very danceable–cut, along with a few remixes. This one's from nu-disco dons Canyons, who slowed the tempo of the original down and darkened the mood up. Or perhaps the gist of the track is best told in the words of its press kit–"a slow, drugged-out version you could imagine Bez loosing his nut to at the Hacienda before he was on celebrity Big Brother. "The Bismarck" A1 Bismarck A2 Bismarck (Goldenbug Remix) A3 Bismarck (Canyons Remix) B1 Bismarck (Dexpistols Remix) B2 Bismarck (Knife Machine Remix) 

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Download: Maus Haus "Dead Keys Drop"

Label: Pretty Blue

Maus Haus is a relatively new band from the Bay Area who's been selling out shows and playing alongside the likes of Black Moth Super Rainbow and Dark Meat over the last year (and one random date with Four Tet). Call their music cut-and-paste pop, with a sprinkling of vintage electronics woven throughout the guitars, bass, and drums. The band first garnered attention with a five-track demo that turned many pairs of ears, and have since crafted a debut full-length, Lark Marvels, which you can cop now digitally or wait for the physical release on January 13 via Oakland-based imprint Pretty Blue. "Dead Keys Drop" is second to last track on the album, and we're feeling its off-kilter nature. Lark Mavels 01 Rigid Breakfast 02 Secret Deals 03 We Used Technology (But Technology Let Us Down) 04 Radio Dials Die 05 Reaction 06 Irregular Hearts 07 Cold In August 08 Tumbling 09 Conversational French 10 Stereo Ghosts 11 Dead Keys Drop 12 Million Volt Lights 

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