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Download: The Cool Kids "Box of Rocks"

Label: C.A.K.E.

Chicago-based hip-hop duo The Cool Kids has made a lot of musical headway in a very short time. Besides being one of the most blogged about groups in today's current music scene, Antoine "Mikey Rocks" Reed and Evan "Chuck Inglish" Ingersoll have also released their debut full-length, The Bake Sale, a few singles, and, most recently, their That's Stupid mixtape, which this track is from. Prepare for rattling beats and baronial rhymes.  

Average: 6.8 (28 votes)

Download: Apollo Sunshine "666: The Coming Of The New World Government"

Don't let that song title fool you

Average: 6.9 (16 votes)

Download: Alex Moulton "Meridians"

You don't hear a lot of dance music producers talking about waxing poetic about classic rock and gazing deep into gatefold LPs, but that is exactly what Alex Moulton has said about working on his latest album, Exodus. "It’s a total concept album," he explains. "I wanted to make something like a Pink Floyd record, where you put it on and you listen to the whole thing all the way through and it takes you on this crazy journey." The album certainly hints at the powder-fueled epics of Giorgio Moroder and new age soundtracks of Vangelis, but the prog-driven concept gazes deep into the future without even a look back. Wyatt Williams  

Average: 7.2 (23 votes)

Download: Pole "Alles Klar"

Label: ~scape

Electronic pioneers Stefan Betke and Barbara Preisinger founded ~scape in 1999, and over the years have released records from the likes of Jan Jelenik, John Tejada, and others. For just about as long, Betke has also been recording and releasing music as Pole. As the story goes, Betke decided on the name after dropping a Waldorf 4-Pole filter and proceeding to make music with the newly fractured hardware. "Alles Klar" comes from Round Black Ghosts, a recent compilation on ~scape that takes a peculiar spin on the ever-shifting dubstep genre. 

Average: 7.5 (44 votes)

Download: Matty G "West Coast Rocks (The Glitch Mob Remix)"

Label: Glitch Mob

Here comes another remix courtesy of

Average: 8 (174 votes)

Download: Ise Lyfe "Bad Word Bounce"

Label: 7even89ine

Oakland-based MC and activist Ise Lyfe cites Langston Hughes as an inspiration and raps about equally intellectual subject matters in his work. The first single off his Prince Cometh album, "Bad Word Bounce" finds him making a play on Snoop Dogg and Pharell's "Drop it Like it's Hot," imitating the minimal beats and soft rhymes, but replacing lyrics about Chandon and Rolexes with issues ranging from the media to the objectification of women. For the album, he enlisted Bay Area producer Nick James to handle production duties. 

Average: 7.5 (32 votes)

Download: Lexie Mountain Boys "Sweet Potato Sugar Tot"

Label: Carpark

Five women make up the Baltimore-based outfit

Average: 3.3 (27 votes)

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