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Download: Hawkwind "Valium Ten"

JD Twitch is probably best known as a DJ and for being one-half of Glasgow's legendary Sunday night party Optimo (which he conducts alongside one JG Wilkes), an event that's seen everyone from Richie Hawtin to LCD Soundsystem grace its dancefloor. Twitch recently turned his attention towards another project though, releasing the MMM Betty! compilation under his Betty Botox moniker. Nine spliced-up, fairly obscure tracks from the last 30 years make up the compilation, which musically includes everything from kraut-rock to nu-disco. Here, Twitch has taken on British space-rock band Hawkwind. The original version of this track first saw light in 1982. 

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Download: Mogwai "The Sun Smells Too Loud"

Label: Matador

Mogwai's discography is so extensive it's been given its own Wikipedia page. The latest edition to that long list is another full-length, this past September's The Hawk is Howling, which finds the Scottish lads indulging in more lyric-less rock with lots of guitars and feedback for your ears to soak up. And though the album's been out for a couple of months, its tracklisting is just too great not to post one more time. The Hawk is Howling 01 I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead 02 Batcat 03 Daphne and the Brain 04 Local Authority 05 The Sun Smells Too Loud 06 Kings Meadow 07 I Love You, I'm Going to Blow Up Your School 08 Scotland's Shame 09 Thank You Space Expert 10 The Precipice 

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Download: Sleeps in Oysters "Moth Wings for John"

Label: Seed

British experimental electronic duo Sleeps in Oysters just released their glowing, introspective self-titled debut album. The first single, “Moth Wings for John,” opens with the busy clicking, croaking, squeaking and buzzing of a backyard jungle at night. A dull hum – something halfway between an airplane and a swarm of locusts – emerges from the commotion and begins to climb up a dark scale. Suddenly vocalist Lisa Busby’s sad and sweet voice floats in softly on top of the ominous chords. The cricket chirping transforms into the song’s rhythmic backbone and Busby’s vocals double into a melancholy harmony. Following this, the song fills out into a breathing canon of beautiful layers that retracts finally, leaving Busby to her heartfelt promises. Lulu McAllister 

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Download: Exclusive: Restiform Bodies "Interactive Halloween Bear (Lazer Sword Wizard Manhole Remix)"

Planning to enter the Restiform Bodies remix contest? You have some big shoes to fill, now that this reworking from the Lazer Sword boys has just arrived. Suffice to say, this electronic-heavy version of "Interactive Halloween Bear," from RBs' recently released TV Loves You Back, is suited for only the darkest and dirtiest of venues, where the quaking bassline could potentially knock your drink onto the floor. And whoever came up with that track title is an undisputed genius. Photo by Beryl Fine. 

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Download: Antoni Maiovvi "Tokyo Ultra Funk"

Label: Seed

Seed Records member and famed Italo producer Antoni Maiovvi was on to something when he named his forthcoming debut album Electro Muscle Cult. Set for a December 1 release, Maiovvi, along with producer Fortuna, has crafted an album that, if this track is anything to go by, is an energy-filled trip through robust rhythms and enough noise to make us wonder at the state of these guys' equipment once they finished the album. Muscle Cult is currently available for pre-ordering, and we've been advised to "catch them now before they move on to a more noise-based project that ain't half as fun or sexy." So, all who enjoy a hearty synth line, please hit download now. 

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Download: DJ Signify "Low Tide feat. Aesop Rock"

Label: Bully

DJ Signify's talent as a hip-hop producer isn't to be debated, given his infamous mixtapes from the mid-'90s, his spot in the legendary 1200 Hobos crew, and his work for Buck 65, Sage Francis, and the anticon. crew, but his latest release, Of Cities, is probably the best thing we've heard from him. He's still pushing his drum-heavy style, which is tight as ever, but he's also reeled in shades of glitch, new wave, Kraut-rock, and other genres for the tracks. Aesop Rock describing his nervous tic that involves whisting whilst he works adds a nice touch of humor to this track. Of Cities 01 "The Sickness" 02 "Low Tide ft. Aesop Rock" 03 "Interlude #1" 04 "Costume Kids" 05 "Delight to the Sadist ft. Matt Kelly" 06 "Interlude #2" 07 "Vanessa" 08 "Interlude #3" 09 "1993" 10 "Interlude #4" 11 "Sink or Swim ft. Aesop Rock" 12 "The Gods Get Dirty" 13 "Interlude #5" 14 "Bollywood Babies" 15 "Interlude #6" 16 "Hold Me Don't Touch" 

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Download: Le Loup "Shenandoah"

Label: AWR

Silly techno remixes of Bing Crosby singing "White Christmas" are all fine and good, but anyone within 10 feet of a newspaper knows the majority of the world isn't necessarily feeling cheery during the holiday season. Working with this idea and hoping to render a more accurate portrait of the 2008 Christmas season, Daniel Gill has selected a group of artists for Ill Stay 'Til After Christmas, where tracks tell several different sides of the holiday. Appropriately, Jimmy Tamborello's group, Figurine, offers up a breakup song, No Kids present "Another Winter in a Summer Town," and Au Revoir Simone are said to have fashioned a rather bizarre take on the classic "I'll be Home for Christmas." The compilation streets on December 2, with all proceeds going towards Amnesty International. Here's Le Loup's eerie version of the traditional number "Shenandoah." I'll Stay 'Til After Christmas 01 Au Revoir Simone "Christmastime is Here" 02 Le Loup "Shenandoah" 03 Figurine "The Holidays Behind Us" 04 Sally Shapiro "Anorak Christmas (Piano Mix)" 05 Arthur & Yu "My White Elephant" 06 My Brightest Diamond "Nature Boy" 07 Parenthetical Girls "Festive Friends (Forever)" 08 No Kids "Another Winter In a Summer Town" 09 Radar Bros. "Baby Jesus" 10 Blitzen Trapper "Christmas Is Coming Soon" 11 Man of Arms "It's Christmastime and Everything's Wrong" 12 Au "I'll Be Home For Christmas" 13 The Papercuts "Go Tell It On The Mountain" 14 Bosque Brown "Silent Night" 15 Turk Dietrich of Belong "Blue Christmas" 

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